Get Excited With The 10 Best Comedy Movies In Spanish

Best comedy movies in Spanish

Best Comedy Movies In Spanish – Comedy is a film genre that is being liked considerably nowadays. Spanish comedies are frequently based on plots that are solely for amusement reasons, however, some films do address political and social themes. If you’re still undecided about which comedy to watch, the following top of the best comedy movies in Spanish will undoubtedly provide you and your loved ones with unique moments of refreshment.

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The top 10 best comedy movies in Spanish

The Distinguished Citizen – 2016

best comedy movies in spanish
“The Distinguished Citizen” is a first of the 10 best comedy movies in Spanish

The Distinguished Citizen is the best Spanish comedy movie directed by Gastón Duprat and Mariano Cohn. At the 73rd Venice International Film Festival, it was chosen to compete for the Golden Lion. This movie also examines the cultural shocks that every emigrant must face at some point. After winning the Nobel Prize for Literature, an Argentinian writer who has resided in Spain for decades returns to Argentina to be honored by his own people. As he re-discovers why he left in the first place, things don’t go as planned.

Heroic Losers – 2019

This comedy Spanish film is about former famous football player Fermin Perlassi and his wife, Lidia, in a small remote town in Alsina – Argentina plans to build a cooperative and convince the townspeople to be Rolo, Carmen, Medina,… capital contribution. After they had gathered nearly enough money, they decided to deposit it in a safe at the bank. But then the bank manager, Alvarado, persuaded Perlassi to transfer the money to the bank account to get a loan for the cooperative.

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Not long after, when the “Corralito” law was enacted and Argentina was in crisis, Perlassi discovered that he had been tricked by Alvarado and Manzi – an adviser with Alvarado’s relationship. Perlassi and the others in the cooperative devise a plan to take back all of the money they had taken from Manzi. Will this one-of-a-kind job of dubious workers succeed?

Perdiendo el Norte

“Perdiendo el Norte” is on the #3 list of best comedy movies in Spanish.

Nacho G. Velilla directed the 2015 funny film in Spanish Perdiendo el Norte. The film explores youth unemployment and underemployment, economic emigration, alienation (from family), language hurdles, Alzheimer’s disease, infertility, and other issues.

It talks about professionals who are overeducated but unemployed Hugo (Yon González, a financial analyst) and Braulio (Julián López, a physicist) are persuaded to go to Berlin by a TV program featuring an émigré who promotes Germany as an employment paradise. Hugo’s assistant, Carla, is introduced, and Hugo’s fiancee, Nadia, is introduced. While they prepare for the wedding, Hugo travels to Spain to work for Nadia’s father.

Ocho apellidos vascos

Emilio Martnez-Lázaro directed this 2014 Spanish-language comedy movie on Netflix. Rafa (Dani Rovira) has never left his hometown of Seville, Andalusia until he meets Amaia (Clara Lago), a Basque girl who defies his seduction tactics. He pursues her to The Basque Country against his friends’ advice after she spends the night at his house and forgets her pocketbook.

Rafa is forced to impersonate a Basque with a stock that includes eight traditional Basque surnames (Gabilondo, Urdangarn, Zubizarreta, Arguiano from the father and Igartiburu, Erentxun, Otegi, and Clemente from the mother, even though Clemente is not authentically Basque), and he becomes increasingly entangled in that character in order to please Amaia due to a series of misunderstanding.

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Carnage  – 2011

Carnage isn’t like the other movies in the list of best comedy movies in Spanish, it has the subject of idealism and responsibility discussed.

Carnage is a black comedy film directed by Roman Polanski and based on Yasmina Reza’s Tony Award-winning 2006 play Le Dieu du Carnage.

This Spanish comedy follows the parents of two grade-school boys who get into a fight in the park, with one child, Ethan Longstreet, beating the other with a stick in the face. Alan (Christoph Waltz) and Nancy Cowan (Kate Winslet), Zachary’s parents, pay a visit to Ethan’s parents, Michael (John C. Reilly) and Penelope Longstreet (Jodie Foster). Their encounter was supposed to be brief, but owing to a variety of events, it has become much longer. The couples are blaming one other for the quarrel between their boys.

The scene transitions to Ethan and Zachary reconciling on their own at the park, where the hamster is still alive and thriving. Alan is defending a dangerous medicine that Michael’s mother has been prescribed, and the subject of idealism and responsibility is discussed.

The Healer – 2016

Alec Bailey is dealing with the loss of his parents and twin brother Charlie. Raymond Heacock, his estranged uncle, promises to settle his £88,000 debt in return for him migrating to Nova Scotia, Canada. Strangely, everyone of the persons who came to him for healing was cured one by one, despite his refusal to see them and claims that he was an engineer, not a doctor. A family begs Alec Bailey to remain for a year in order for him to treat their cancer-stricken daughter Abigail. Despite the fact that he did not take the present, Alec’s uncle has agreed to cover his debt if he stays for the entire year, so he does.

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Alec and Cecilia rapidly become friends with her and reconcile with Officer Tom, who discloses that she is his niece. Scenes from the SeriousFun Children’s Network’s international society of camps are shown in the closing credits.

Champions – 2018

best comedy movies in spanish
Champions (2018) is on the #7 list of best comedy movies in Spanish.

The Aderes squad in Burjassot (Valencia), which was formed by individuals with intellectual impairments and won twelve Spanish championships between 1999 and 2014, was the inspiration for this comedy film in Spanish.

Marco Montes is the assistant coach for the CB Estudiantes basketball squad. He’s a haughty man with lousy manners who is fired from his job following a brawl with his head coach during a game. Marco is sentenced to two years in jail or ninety days of community service as a coach for Los Amigos, a team of persons with disabilities, after driving intoxicated into the back of a police cruiser.

The news is initially greeted negatively by the protagonist, who despises crippled people in general and refers to them as subnormals (below normal); yet, as time passes, he will understand how much he still has to learn from these individuals.


best comedy movies in spanish
Rivales is one of the 10 best comedies in Spanish about the football team

Tensions erupt on and off the field as two long-time rivalry youth football teams from Madrid and Barcelona reach the finals of the Youth Spanish Cup. Both teams’ players, as well as their coaches (who are in love but keep it disguised), parents, a crazy grandmother, reporters, and even dogs, share a bus and hotel. Guillermo (Ernesto Altiero) and his son Xavier have their relationship tested as Guillermo reflects on his own childhood inability to make the championship squad, while Xavier chooses his girlfriend above football. According to filmmaker Fernando Colomo, this is a “road trip movie on human relationships.”

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Father There Is Only One – 2019

best comedy movies in spanish

It is one of the most meaningful comedy films in Spanish premiered on Netflix and was directed and starring Santiago Segura. Javier has earned the moniker of “husband-in-law.” That is, he understands precisely what has to be done without taking any care of the house or children, and he continually gathers a total of statements of the type: “It is because you do not arrange,” or “do not become frightened,” and you already consider that an overflowing lady drowns in a glass of water.

When Javier’s wife goes on a trip and leaves him alone with their five children (aged four to twelve), he will have to confront the realities of coping with five children (aged four to twelve). The tumultuous scenario at home will slowly deteriorate the environment to the point of total calamity, but it will also offer a good opportunity for parents and children to meet and enjoy themselves for the first time.

Winning Streak – 2012

Winning Streak (The Pelayos) is a Spanish comedy-drama film co-written and directed by Eduard Cortés Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo (Lluis Homar) has spent years attempting to devise a way to legitimately win money in a local casino managed by the famed The Beast (Eduard Fernández). When he finds he’s done it using a wheel bias system, he enlists the support of his family: son Iván (Daniel Brühl), daughter Vanessa (Marina Salas), cousins Marcos (Oriol Vila) and muscle-bound Alfredo (Miguel Angel Silvestre), and family friend Balón (Vicente Romero).

Hopefully, with the above suggestions about the 10 best comedy movies in Spanish, you can easily choose a few titles to relax and entertain friends and relatives. Besides the familiar Netflix platform, Spanish language movie is also one of the platforms that directly broadcast great titles like Spanish horror movies or the most popular Spanish TV shows.

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