Find Out The Top 5 Among The Best Funny Spanish Movies


Funny Spanish Movies – Going to the movies is one of the most popular games worldwide. Watching movies to disconnect from reality, relax and forget the world is one of the great pleasures. The Spanish comedy cinema, with its ups and downs, has maintained throughout the years a high production rate, right here let’s find out the top 5 famous Spanish movies over the years and more other Spanish movies list.

Overall funny Spanish movies

Comedy is a genre of film that emphasizes humor, is one of the oldest film genres, and is also one of the first silent films in the world. Spanish comedies are often stories that are nothing more than entertainment purposes, however, there are also some films that deal with political and social issues.

Are you a fan of Spanish comedies? If you are still wondering which comedy to watch, you definitely cannot ignore the following top names. These super funny products will surely bring you, and your loved ones unforgettable moments of refreshment.

The 5 best funny Spanish movies

1. Ocho apellidos vascos

  • Director: Fernando González Molina 
  • Casting: Mario Casas, Alberto Amarilla, Amaia Salamanca, Canco Rodríguez (Cabra), Gorka Lasaosa (Wheels), Pablo Penedo (Corneto)


The mind-bending comedy tells us a story set in a humble neighborhood high school, where Emilio (Mario Casas) attends, a shy boy with an average of five, who has a secret crush on Natalia ( Amaia Salamanca) life, a beautiful girl and class list.

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2. Pagafantas

  • Director: Borja Cobeaga 
  • Casting: Gorka Otxoa, Sabrina Garciarena, Michel Brown, María Asquerino, …


Chema has left his longtime partner because he believes he can do better, but he has had little luck dating other females. He believes his luck has turned when he meets Claudia. She’s attractive, humorous, and appears to be interested in him. When Sebastián, Claudia’s real boyfriend, arrives from Argentina, it becomes clear that Claudia just wants Chema as a friend, and he is forced to choose between giving up on a lady he has no chance of gaining or waiting for the right time to reveal itself.

3. Rivales

  • Director:  Fernando Colomo
  • Casting: Rosa Maria Sardà, Ernesto Alterio, Jorge Sanz, …


When two long-time rivalry young football teams from Madrid and Barcelona reach the finals of the Youth Spanish Cup, tensions rise on and off the field. Both teams’ players share a bus and hotel, as well as their coaches (who are in love but keep it hidden), parents, a crazy grandma, reporters, and even dogs. Guillermo (Ernesto Altiero) and his son Xavier have their relationship challenged as Guillermo reflects on his own inability to join the championship team as a child, while Xavier chooses his girlfriend over football. This is a “road trip movie on human relationships,” according to filmmaker Fernando Colomo.

4. Girlfriends (Spanish: Chavalas)

  • Director: Carol Rodríguez Colás 
  • Casting: Vicky Luengo, Elisabet Casanovas, Carolina Yuste and Ángela Cervantes


Marta, a photographer used to functioning in artistic social circles, is sacked from her job and reluctantly returns to the working-class area in Cornellà where she grew up in the fiction (a comedy-drama). She reconnects with her childhood pals Desi, Soraya, and Bea upon her return, renewing their connection.

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5. Seventeen (Spanish: Diecisiete) 

  • Director: Daniel Sánchez Arévalo
  • Casting : Itsaso Arana, Kandido Uranga and Biel Montoro


Diecisiete is a film of the story that follows 17-year-old Héctor (Biel Montoro), who flees the youth detention institution where he’s lived for the past two years in order to find the dog Oveja whom he met at an animal rescue organization. Héctor is joined by his older brother Ismael (Nacho Sánchez), who is concerned about Héctor’s safety

Websites/Channels broadcasting funny Spanish movies

  1. Disney: is an American cable and satellite television network with more than 90 entertainment channels for children and families covering 160 and 1157 countries in more than 30 languages, so there is never a shortage of  Spanish comedy films for you to enjoy.
  2. Bingmovie: is a channel that broadcasts the best Spanish movies live in HD resolution, without being affected by ads. Movie stock up to tens of hundreds of thousands for you to choose freely.
  3. Netflix: an American online video viewing service, the content is mainly movies and TV shows, very popular in the US and many other countries around the world, bringing a variety of TV shows, movies, series award-winning documents, and more on thousands of Internet-connected devices. The number of funny movies in Spanish on Netflix is constantly increasing.
  4. Amazon Prime: a movie streaming service. Here you can watch the latest Spanish comedies. These are copyrighted movies that have been acquired by Amazon, of course, it is legal. You can watch the best funny Spanish movies on Amazon Prime Video channels using your computer, Smart TV or Smart Phone as long as you have an Internet connection

Additionally, you can watch funny Spanish movies on Hulu or HBO Max.

Here are the top 5 best Spanish movies of all time in the funny genre. Not only is it merely entertaining, but many Spanish comedies also have a profound meaning left behind them. If you are looking for such movies but don’t know which is a reliable website, then immediately visit Spanish Language Movies, here you will be free to choose from your favorite titles and other Spanish movies.