Top 10 Spanish horror movies on Netflix you should be in your favorite list

Best Spanish horror movies on Netflix

Spanish cinema is increasingly invested in the development of visual effects as well as script quality. Spanish horror movies on Netflix have been and are being interested in many people because of the impressive horror elements that bring a very real feeling to the viewers. Here are the top 10 best Spanish horror movies on Netflix worth watching. Let’s see it together!

Top 10 Spanish horror movies on Netflix worth watching

The Wasteland

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The film “The Wasteland,” one of the best Spanish horror movies on Netflix, is set in a remote Spanish home roughly 125 years ago. This follows three characters: Luca, Salvador, and Diego, the son. At first, it appears like Luca is attempting to preserve Diego’s innocence as long as possible, whilst Salvador believes it is time for him to mature. Then a stranger appears on the other side of the river, disrupting their life, and Salvador abandons Luca and Diego. It doesn’t take long for Luca to realize that something is after them.

With Luca’s increasingly distant and disconnected conduct, as well as Diego’s recollections of his father’s legends of a creature known simply as the Beast, the plot develops at a glacial pace, creating unmistakable suspense. The issue lurks throughout the film: Is there anything out there, or is it just their isolation that’s distorting their minds? All Diego can do is watch helplessly as his mother’s condition worsens, and, unfortunately, he’s forced to mature precisely as his father desired in order to survive. Do not hesitate to save it as a Netflix Spanish horror movie to watch right now.

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The Devil’s Backbone

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Guillermo del Toro’s now-classic gothic thriller is the kind of spooky tale that would scare anyone who watched it. Set during Spain’s Civil War and brimming with the historical commentary that characterizes the Mexican director’s good projects, The Devil’s Backbone is set in an orphanage full of boys.

The special feature of this so-called Netflix Spanish horror movie was that there was a bomb that went off in the middle of their yard. When Carlos, whose father died in the war against the Nazis, arrives and forms an unlikely friendship with the ghost of a boy who went missing on the day the bomb appeared, the mysteries and secrets of the place This is starting to spill out in ever more disturbing ways.

Sudor frío

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A thriller from Spanish director Adrián García Bogliano, this Spanish horror movie Netflix follows Román (Espinosa), who runs into his ex-girlfriend Jackie (Velasco), who is somehow drawn into cult torture run by two sadistic old men. Elderly political radicals have managed to put Jackie’s life in incredible danger by threatening her with nitroglycerin explosives. As Román and his friend Ali (Glezer) attempt to help Jackie escape her captivity, the elderly psychopaths prove to be more than what is seen. Imagine Saw with an AARP member being the killer.


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In the list of Spanish horror movies on Netflix, Madre is another name. It’s about Diana, a pregnant woman, but her husband Martin is often absent, making her feel overwhelmed when taking care of her first child. He is a person with a developmental disability. Close to her due date, she hires a Filipino nanny, Luz, who at first turns out to be a blessing for the family, especially when Martin’s behavior problems seem to be improved when he was taken care of by Luz. However, Diana begins to wonder if her new employee is using her position in the family against Martin. Motherhood is threatened when another matriarch comes to the house and disturbs the family hierarchy.

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Pan’s Labyrinth

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Pan’s Labyrinth, is another title ranked high among the best Spanish horror movies on Netflix. After the Allies invade Nazi-occupied Europe, a brutal captain sends a Spanish army to put down the rebels, taking his new wife and daughter with him to his victory. While his family lives in the countryside, he leads his people into a murderous frenzy, much of which is witnessed by his own daughter. In her attempt to escape reality, she plunges into Pan’s Labyrinth, a mystical world that lies within her own borders. Obviously, “Pan’s Labyrinth” remains one of the most-watched Spanish horror movies Netflix ever made.

The Hidden Face

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As a Spanish horror movie on Netflix, this film follows a young man and his girlfriend who moved to Columbia for a house hunt, but they haven’t found the perfect location when she suddenly disappears and he is the prime suspect. Despite the ongoing investigation, he transfers her replacement not long after, and strange things immediately begin happening around the house. His new love interest is left to wonder if it’s haunted by the ghost of her predecessor, or if she might be trapped somewhere within the walls. are not.

This Netflix Spanish horror movie is exactly what viewers expect and goes beyond, providing tons of messy situations that keep them guessing right until the very end. There is nothing quite like in this intense story about the dangers of jealousy and infidelity.


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Angela is the main character of this Spanish horror movie Netflix, a college student working on a thesis on audiovisual violence. Now, this will inform you about the themes and types of images included in this movie. If gore and great storytelling are your usual fare, you’ll fit right in here.

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While Angela is rummaging through the university’s audiovisual archive, she finds a sneak peek of a girl who disappeared two years earlier. Using deduction and insight, she and a friend try to find out who videoed the murder (El Asesinato).

As Angela digs deeper into her thesis and the video’s origins, she’s also slowly identifying the real possibility that she’ll most likely star in her own snub and end up dead. Now everyone is a suspect. Her friend, her professor, and a recent acquaintance. Who did that? Who is the psychopath who tortures and kills random people on ice?

The Dead Mother

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It can’t complete the list of Spanish horror movies on Netflix if we don’t mention “The Dead Mother”. A sudden burglary leads to the death of a woman, while her daughter is in charge.

Twenty years later, the criminal, another name and now working in a bar, meets the girl again. The poor girl has a developmental disability. Her blank gaze sent chills down the killer’s spine.

The killer gets confused, becomes desperate, and badly wants to cover his tracks and force some loose ends. He plots to finish the job that should have been done years ago. Will he be able to do it in the end? Watch the Netflix Spanish horror movie, “The Dead Mother” and find out.

When you take a close look at this psychological thriller, you’ll see an artistic use of red. But that doesn’t mean the blood is overflowing. Actually, there’s not much blood in this one. The director was able to incorporate red into the shots, with red lipstick, red walls, a red shirt, a red dress, and red paint on the nose and face — of a clown.

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The Nameless

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The mutilated body of a six-year-old girl is lifted out of a deep water tank. A father receives that horrifying phone call and has to go through the pain of having to confirm that the body is his daughter’s.

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The body is so completely disfigured that identification is practically impossible, without the unmistakable bracelet found with the body and the fact that one leg is several inches shorter than the other. . It’s really their girl.

5 years go by quickly: the parents’ marriage is now over, and the mother who is taking the medication suddenly receives a phone call where she hears a familiar voice: it’s her daughter! Or at least the voice asserts she is. She said she just wanted people to believe she was dead, and now she’s asking her mother to come and take her away…

Here Comes the Devil

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This is one of the horror movies in Spanish on Netflix that follows a couple who lost their beloved teenage son and daughter in the hills and caves of Tijuana, Mexico. It was a long night as the heartbroken parents imagined what might happen to them.

Thankfully, the babies were found alive and well the next day. However, they begin to exhibit very strange, anti-social, and malicious behavior upon their return – as if they were possessed by a ghost. This leads the couple to suspect that something very sinister happened the night they were away, and they believe some evil spirit may be causing this disturbing behavior. Searching for answers, they heard stories about the area’s dark legends and the caves the children had lost in.

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