Top 5 Best Spanish Love Movies Release Tears And Re-energize

Spanish love movies on Netflix

Over many romantic movies, have you ever enjoyed Spanish love movies? The passionate love stories give viewers many different emotions which don’t make you can’t take your eyes off the whole movie. Surely, you can have a wonderful experience when immersed in the emotions of romantic movies. Following this article, you will highly recommend the top 5 Best Spanish love movies.

Spanish love stories movies with happy endings

Through my Window

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The first movie in the list of Spanish love movies mentioned is Through My Window (Spanish: A través de mi Ventana). This is a 2022 Spanish teen romance film directed by Marçal Forés from a screenplay by Eduard Sola, based on the novel of the same name by Ariana Godoy. A sweet love story of two young people Raquel and Ares. They have different personalities and starting points. Circumstances where they came into contact and fell in love with each other through brief encounters when they were neighbors. Raquel has always been special in his mind. Everything about her gives him a strong feeling of love.

After ups and downs, Ares and Raquel finally reconciled and spent the summer together. At the end of which, Ares leaves for medical school. Raquel continues to complete her book and get it published. It is a happy ending for everyone. Through in my Window is sure ranks high among young love stories. The innocence and passion of their youth will give them a feeling of being young again and have fond memories.

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Sounds Like Love

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The genres of Spanish love movies have different details. Coming to Sounds Like Love movie, we can realize many meanings about life and love. This is a film that is led and told by the anecdotes of the protagonist Maca. A broken love affair several years ago with a man named Leo caused Maca to become distrustful and depressed. Her life is boring because she has to endure a tyrannical boss.

While the Sound Like Love that we see in Spanish love movies on Netflix is ​​about the longing and desire of the characters about their problems. Not only Maca, but her friends are also uncomfortable with their current life, so they start with new things that are far from their previous habits. After all, everything has a beginning when each character knows what they want and the best way is to love according to their feelings. Throughout the movie, we can see ourselves being the first to be loved. When everything is comfortable and peaceful, we know what true love is and enjoy it.

Crazy About Her

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Love is always a special concept in everyone’s life. One of the breakthroughs of the Spanish love movies industry is to make viewers enjoy the unexpected. Crazy About Her is one of the standout movies.

The story revolves around the love story of Adri and Carla. The two met by chance and had a one-night stand. But Carla is a patient in the Los Sauces hospital. Adri discovers the only way to see Carla again is by becoming a patient there. Their love seems difficult to come together, but as Adi said at the beginning of Crazy About Her: ” If you don’t fight for what you want, you will fail.” The film climaxes with tears and wanting to keep the lover beside Crazy About Her movie is contrasting scenes between anger and happiness. But in the end, each person is sober enough to know who they are and what they have to do better.

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Spanish love movies with sad endings

The Sea Inside 

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Besides the passionate feelings of Spanish love movies, somewhere there are still gentle spaces because empathy leads to love. We can’t help but talk about The Sea Inside.

The story revolves around Ramón Sampedro (Javier Bardem) who has an accident that leads to a quadriplegic. He realized his life without dignity and he has been fighting for the right to die for the past 26 years. But, his family never considered him a burden and always convinced him to live his life to the fullest. The truth was, he was tired of fighting the illness. He felt confined in his bed. He decided to plan to die in peace.

More than that, his life was affected by two women. That lawyer Julia (Belén Rueda), a woman with Cadasil syndrome should sympathize with Ramon and support him in the lawsuit to win the right to die. The other is Rosa (Lola Dueñas), a local woman who wants Ramon to believe that life is worth living. The close-up film pushes the tragedy to the climax, making the main character self-pity. We can feel the pain and short-lived emotions in the character’s life. The memorable and precious moments of life will be what make us anxious. A life with love but a mind about death is too big to make complete.

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Spanish love movies with a sense of humor

Without Saying Goodbye

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This is a romantic drama film directed by Peruvian director Bruno Ascenzo and stars Maxi Iglesias and Stephanie Cayo. A very straightforward narrative about the budding romance between these two opposite characters is the story’s central premise. Without Saying Goodbye is one of the Spanish love movies on Netflix, a somewhat colorless romance set in some of the most stunning scenery on Earth.

A young, rich man has come to a place to convert it into a multi-million-dollar fortune to realize his dream project. However, a girl entered his life and changed him by giving him a different perspective. The light comedy brings a feeling of comfort and lightness to the viewers. However, that romance didn’t become cheesy, or meaningless. The movie is especially quiet with humorous moments. It finds a happy and always consistent medium – a story about two people getting to know each other: Cayo and Iglesias. 

Overall, Spanish love movies always leave viewers’ minds with many emotions and passions. All that effort is a combination of the plot, the character acting, and the appropriate filming locations. You can enjoy and relax your life with the genre of a romance film. What’s more, you can also experience other types of movies by following and checking out the following articles on Spanish Language Movies.