Encourage children to learn foreign languages with the best Spanish movies for kids

best spanish movies for kids

There are many effective ways to learn a foreign language. Some can go to a class and listen to music. However, watching movies is listed as the top best method for this, especially Spanish movies for kids are actually a wonderful tool to help reinforce Spanish language learning. That’s right, you can help your children gain more knowledge of Spanish while sitting on the couch.

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Spanish movies for kids on Netflix/ Youtube

Netflix and Youtube have become very popular for all of us. Only with a smartphone connected to the Internet can we search for many programs for children. Here comes the top 5 among the most attractive Spanish films for children.


best spanish movies for kids
Vivo is one of the best Spanish movies for kids

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s voices and songs are included in this cartoon Spanish film, which is a celebration of Cuban music and culture. The protagonist is a kinkajou (a rainforest “honey bear”) that must journey from Havana to Miami to deliver a unique message through song. Adults will enjoy the plot with Gloria Estefan and Andrés from the Buena Vista Social Club, while children will enjoy the adventure that befalls the two main characters.


best spanish movies for kids
Pachamama is a Netflix original Spanish film for children.

Pachamama is a Netflix original Spanish film for children that delves into the indigenous traditions of Andes culture in South America while also exposing Incan civilization and the Spanish conquest. A little kid from a rural town takes it upon himself to recover a prized artifact, embarking on a perilous trek to Cusco, the Incan capital.

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best spanish movies for kids
Minimalitos is one of the best Spanish movies for kids learning the language.

This is a bright and entertaining Spanish children’s animation film about a group of small animal buddies that attend kindergarten together. They sing, play, learn, and have a good time together. The episodes are broadcast on the PakaPaka channel in Argentina, which also broadcasts other Spanish cartoons.

You can search Youtube for “Minimalitos en espaol” for Spanish and “Minimalitos en Latino” for Latin America to find Minimalitos. Spanish episodes with English subtitles are also available.

Dora La Exploradora

best spanish movies for kids
Dora La Exploradora is a Spanish children’s cartoon.

This Spanish movie for kids is perhaps one of the most well-known Spanish children’s cartoons. A joyful and interactive cartoon aimed at preschoolers about a little girl named Dora who embarks on adventures with her monkey buddy Boots (Botas).

Each entertaining episode introduces a fresh assignment to locate someone or anything. The cartoon’s Spanish version aids in the learning of English children. The English version aids in the learning of Spanish by children. My children watch the animation in Spanish because I believe it is more beneficial to their language learning.

On Youtube, audiences search for “Dora La Exploradora en espanol” for Spanish and “Dora La Exploradora en Latino” for Latin America. There are other episodes with English subtitles available.

PJ Masks

best spanish movies for kids
PJ MASKS heroes of the night.

If your children enjoy superheroes, they will enjoy this entertaining Spanish-language children’s animation. PJ Masks is an animated series about three best friends who are regular kids during the day but transform into three superheroes at night. Follow Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko as they solve mysteries and battle crime while saving the day.

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Originally, it was an American/French hybrid. On Youtube, you may discover PJ Masks in a variety of languages. For Spanish, type “PJ Masks en Espanol,” and for Latin American, type “PJ Masks en Latino.”

Best Spanish movies for kids on the Disney channel

Disney is known as a reliable channel for kids with a wide range of carefully selected titles for kids. Accordingly, they can both relax and improve foreign language skills. Below are the most worth-watching Spanish movies for kids on Disney


best spanish movies for kids
This is one of the Spanish Movies for kids with terrific music, breathtaking images, and a heart-warming narrative of family, love, and memory.

The main character of this movie for kids in Spanish is Miguel, a young Mexican child, who aspires to be a musician. Unfortunately, music is the one thing that his family forbids. Miguel winds himself in the Land of the Dead, where he unearths long-buried family secrets.

With terrific music, breathtaking images, and a heart-warming narrative of family, love, and memory, this has to be one of the most beautiful Latino films ever filmed. Keep tissues close by. Coco was painstakingly researched and is a good introduction to Mexican Day of the Dead customs.

Big Hero 6

best spanish movies for kids
Big Hero 6

The narrative of one of Disney’s most famous Spanish animated films for children takes place in a fictional city called San Fransokyo (a combination of San Francisco and Tokyo), where a young industrial prodigy named Hiro Hamada.

Despite being a technological genius, spends his time fighting illicit robots. Fearing that Hiro might squander his abilities, Hiro’s elder brother Tadashi takes him to the San Francisco Institute of Technological’s technology lab, where he meets Tadashi’s friends: GoGo, Wasabi, Honey Lemon, and Fred, as well as a robot.

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Tadashi created Baymax healthcare. Hiro designed and introduced Micro Bugs to get admittance to the school: a swarm of mini-robots that could be joined together in any place using a remote brain controller.

Professor Callaghan is a professor teaching at the university who is the head of the robotics department, and has accepted Hiro to study at the school…

El libro de la vida (The book of life)

best spanish movies for kids
El libro de la vida (The book of life)

This children’s Spanish film talks about Manolo, a young Mexican entrepreneur with enormous ambitions. His father, on the other hand, has a completely opposite opinion: he wants Manuel to carry on the family legacy of bullfighting. He journeys to three fantasy realms, torn between the two (the underworld, the Land of the Forgotten, and the Land of the Remembered). El book de la Vida is a lovely film told in a semi-musical way with surrealist images.

Rio and Rio 2

best spanish movies for kids
Rio Rio tells about environmentalism, and deforestation of the Amazon rainforest.

Despite the fact that Rio and Rio 2 are set in Brazil and are not strictly Spanish-language films, both DVDs provide Spanish-language choices and cover a wide range of Latin American topics (environmentalism, deforestation of the Amazon rainforest).

Rio 1: Blu, a pet Macaw from Minnesota, visits Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to learn more about his birthplace.

Rio 2: Blu and Jewel have three children. When parents notice that their children are becoming too used to city life, they decide to take them to the Amazon rainforest to give them a taste of the real world.

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best spanish movies for kids
Ferdinand is one of the best Spanish movies for kids because of its joyful conclusion and bullfighting without bloodshed.

Ferdinand is a laid-back bull that enjoys sitting and sniffing flowers. He is mistaken for a tough fighter after a run-in with a bee and is chosen to battle the notorious matador, El Primero. This one of the best Spanish movies for kids has a joyful conclusion and introduces viewers to Spain and bullfighting without the bloodshed.

In conclusion, if you have a proper plan between learning in class and watching Spanish films for kids at home, your children will actively acquire Spanish and improve their skills. Besides, we also recommend the website Spanishlanguagemovies, which specializes in various Spanish movie genres such as Spanish comedy movies, the best horror films in Spanish, or some famous TV shows in Spanish.