Satisfy The Film Lovers With Top 10 Among The Best Spanish Romantic Movies

best spanish romantic movies

Top 10 Among The Best Spanish Romantic Movies – Sometimes you don’t need dramatic action movies or dramatic dramas, but the gentle, emotional moments of romantic movies help relieve stress and soothe your soul. Therefore, romantic movies in Spain are becoming more and more popular. Right below are the top 10 most viewed romantic-romantic movies that we have compiled.

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The top 10 Among The Best Spanish Romantic Movies

Through my window

best spanish romantic movies
#1 Best Spanish Romantic Movies – Through my window

This Spanish romantic film follows Raquel, a teenager from Barcelona who is quite in love with his upstairs neighbor. Unfortunately, said lover, whose name is Ares, did not participate in his tournament. Why? His wealthy family owns Alpha 3, one of the largest companies in Spain, and one day he will take over the business. They grow in very different circles.

Raquel, coming from a humble background, is determined to pursue Ares, and after a series of chance encounters, including a somewhat odd turn of events in which he steals her Wi-Fi password. , their relationship began to develop. But, traditionally, her family didn’t like the idea of them being together and started giving her a hard time…

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Sounds Like Love (2021)

best spanish romantic movies
#2 Best Spanish Romantic Movies Online – Sounds Like Love (2021)

Maca, the main character of this romantic film, a clumsy 30-year-old from Madrid, is trapped as an unpleasant and dangerous fashion influencer’s assistant, squandering her skills and spending most of her time with guys with whom she never gets to form an emotional attachment.

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Despite her dead-end profession, Maca tries to make the most of life and happiness with her two distinctive and loveable companions, Jimena and Adriana, making virtually anything possible.

Everything appears to be going swimmingly until Maca’s ex-boyfriend Leo reappears in her life, turning her almost-perfect existence upside down. Leo was Maca’s worst blunder, the man who ripped her heart apart and destroyed her self-esteem and confidence in men.

Maca had completely forgotten about him. But now she must accept that he has unexpectedly returned to her life, forcing her to confront the feelings she has suppressed for so long, grappling with the haunting recollection of what could have been but never was.

My Life In Ruins (2009)

best spanish romantic movies
#3 Romantic movies from Spain – My Life In Ruins (2009)

Georgia is an American guide in Greece, responsible for guiding a group of tourists around Greece. This group of tourists is quite silly as they seem to prefer buying t-shirts rather than learning more about the history and culture of Greece. In a clash between individualism and culture, things seem to go wrong. Until one day, an elderly traveler named Irv Gordon shows her how to stay happy and take care of someone she never thought she’d find love for.

The Secret in Their Eyes (2009)

best spanish romantic movies
#4 Best Spanish Romantic Movies to watch online – The Secret in Their Eyes (2009)

This film in the romantic genre talks about Benjamin Espósito, a prosecutor, investigates the rape and murder of Liliana Colotto de Morales in 1974. Pablo Sandóval, his alcoholic partner, and Irene Menéndez-Hastings, the new department boss, assist him. They can’t discover any proof in Isidoro Gómez’s letters, despite the fact that he’s been on the run for 40 years.

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They try to follow him down during a football match after recognizing him as a Racing supporter, but he disappears into the throng. In 1985, Espósito comes to Buenos Aires to discover Gómez disappeared and Menéndez married with two children, but he quickly realizes that Sandóval posed as him to protect his buddy from assassins.

He pays a visit to Ricardo, whom he had imprisoned for 25 years without speaking to, and discovers him feeding Gómz, to whom he had vowed a life sentence for murder. In 1999, Espósiro pays a visit to Irene’s office and is ready to express his love when she urges him to lock the door as she expected.

Without Saying Goodbye (Backpackers) (2022)

best spanish romantic movies
#5 Best Spanish Romantic Movies – Without Saying Goodbye (Backpackers) (2022)

Salvador Campodónico is a successful businessman whose family owns the largest hotel group in Spain. To build their first international project, they chose to land in front of a wonder of the world: Cusco, the navel of the world. There he meets Ariana, a backpacking adventurer who lives a life completely opposite of himself, with no strings attached, and he will love and hate when they get to know each other. Can they go together?

Blue Is the Warmest Color (2013)

best spanish romantic movies
#6 Best romantic movies Spanish – Blue Is the Warmest Color (2013)

The film won the Palme d’Or at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival. This one of the best Spanish romantic movies is based on the French novel Blue Angel (“Le Bleu est une couleur chaude”), which is a comic book created in 2010 by Julie Maroh, the book won multiple awards and was published in North America in October 2013.

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Adèle (Adèle Exarchopoulos) is a 15-year-old schoolgirl who dreams of becoming a teacher, but her life is turned upside down when she meets Emma, a blue-haired art student at a nearby university. She is the one who wrote this romantic love story.

Julieta (2016)

spanish romantic movies
#7 Best Spanish Romantic Movies – Julieta (2016)

Going back in time, the main actress of the romantic Spanish film Julieta is 25 years old and full of charm. On a train ride on a foggy and cold windy night, she meets the man of her life – Xoan. After a quick and erotic love affair, Julieta married Xoan and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl – Antía. But it is the high sexual desire that makes Xoan betray Julieta to follow another young girl. Big frictions in the family lead to unpredictable tragedy, so daughter Antía decides never to see her mother’s face.

Years later, while shopping, she ran into Beatriz, her son’s childhood classmate, and received word that Antía now had three children. The pain deep in Julieta’s heart arose once again at the news of her son. Julieta begins to relive the tragic past that caused her only daughter to leave her and embrace her.

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Mirage (Durante la Tormenta) (2018)

romantic movies from spain
#8 Best Spanish Romantic Movies – Mirage (Durante la Tormenta) (2018)

Mirage begins with images from 1989, revolving around 12-year-old Nico Lasarte who enjoys singing and often re-records them with VHS tape recorders. Twenty-five years later, Nico’s house has become the new home of the couple Vera Roy (Adriana Urgate) and David Ortiz (Alvaro Morte), and their young daughter Gloria.

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Two completely different lives, at two separate times, accidentally “crashed” into each other through a murky storm, with dark clouds filling the sky. The storm repeats itself after 25 years. But the fate of small people, because of it, has changed to an unexpected extent

Intimacy (2001)

romantic movies from spain
#9 Spanish romantic movies to watch – Intimacy (2001)

Jay, a bartender, is abandoned by his own family because his wife has lost interest in their relationship. Now living alone in an old house, Jay makes love every week with a woman whose name he doesn’t even know. At first, they find each other to satisfy their sexual needs, but later Jay discovers that he has fallen in love with that woman.

Curious about his mysterious lover, Jay follows the woman along the streets of London to the gray suburb where she lives. He even followed her to a pub theater where she worked every night. Jay learns her name is Claire, she is married and has a son. Jay has decided to end their relationship…

I Want You (Tengo Ganas de ti) (2012)

romantic movies from spain
#10 Best Spanish Romantic Movies – I Want You (Tengo Ganas de ti) (2012)

After two years away from London, Hache returned to his homeland. Beautiful memories with Babi always surrounded him and he was afraid to see her again. But then he also realizes everything has changed, sooner or later he has to rebuild a new life: love someone else, get a new job and let life turn to a different page.

And then he met Gin, a beautiful and vivacious girl, and he fell in love again. But to forget Babi is not easy, after meeting him by chance, he feels the world around him seems to fall apart…

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