Spanish thriller movies: A boom & potential development with good series

Best Spanish thriller movies: When it comes to a thriller film, it is supposed to be precisely the same as its name, thrilling. These recent thrillers can be of any genre- horror, romantic, emotional, or humane. Many cinema industries in the world have been developing a niche in thrillers, in which Spanish thrillers particularly have been booming and achieving their rightful recognition. Here are 10 Spanish thriller movies that are worth watching.

Top 10 Best Spanish thriller movies on Netflix


spanish thriller movie Muse

“Muse”, one of the best Spanish thrillers recently, is adapted from the horror novel The Lady Number Thirteen by famous writer José Carlos Somoza. The story follows the literature professor Samuel Salomon (Elliot Cowan). After the tragic and bloody death of his girlfriend, he decided to put himself off work. During that year, he frequently had nightmares.

In his dream, he saw a woman brutally killed by a pagan ritual. One day, Samuel watched the news and learned that the police had just found the body of the woman he dreamed of every night. Curious and scared, he decided to break into the crime scene. There, he meets Rachel (Ana Ularu). Before that, she also had similar dreams about the death of the unlucky woman. From here, the two work together to investigate the identity of the dead, accidentally entering a terrifying world controlled by the entities that have inspired artists through the ages: the Muses.

Among the other thriller movies in Spanish, viewers seem to be pulled into unexpected and bewildering details when Samuel and Rachel in turn seek answers from the women in the barbaric sacrificial ritual, and from there, terrible things happen. down two people like a curse foreshadowing a commitment to a spiritual haunted place.

The Spanish thriller movie was directed by Jaume Balagueró and filmed in three countries: Belgium, Ireland, and Spain. “Muse” taps into the unique spiritual cultures of these countries, while delivering captivating European cinematic scenes and bloody rituals. The work promises to bring a completely different experience compared to recent Hollywood horror movies.

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The Platform

best spanish thrillers the Platform

One of the best thriller Spanish movies on Netflix, “the platform” begins with a scene where Goreng wakes up to find himself in a room surrounded by 4 sealed walls with a hole 333 floors deep and the highest floor is 0. Each day, a table of food will be brought to the floors, one after the other, from the top to the bottom. Each floor has only 2 minutes to eat and no food is allowed to be taken. If you dare to secretly keep it, the temperature of the room will change: freezing cold or burning to death.

It’s true when to say that this is among the Spanish thriller movies on Netflix because it is set in the context of a tower, namely a vertical self-governing center. Here, people on the upper floor can eat the most delicious and latest food, and then they break and stomp on food. This will cause conflict for the character of this Spanish thriller. However, not everyone stays upstairs or downstairs, but every day, when they sleep, they change floors.

In fact, “The Platform” is one of the best Spanish thrillers which exploits the theme of class discrimination. Food is a metaphor for a kind of resource, which has been fully exploited by the people upstairs, the people below are left with only a little superfluous, worthless.

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REC thriller movies in spanish

The list of Spanish thrillers on Netflix is called “REC”, which talks about a TV reporter, Angela (Manuela Velasco), and her cameraman, Pablo (Pablo Rosso), who are filming a series of documentaries, their episodes focusing on the daily struggles of firefighters. After meeting the firefighters and some routine interviews, they received an emergency call about stress. The television crew followed the team, and a tense call that was supposed to be routine quickly spiraled out of control.

It’s undeniable that it’s one of the most Spanish thriller movies on Netflix that raises the hairs on the back of your neck before the mysterious echoes suddenly appear in the final moments. Never fully explored, the outer world motifs are rather exasperating. However, we would strongly advise you to avoid such growling things and enjoy the movie as it is a great, tense thriller.

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The actors were never given the full script so none of them knew about their characters’ fates, sometimes until the day they shot the scene. So the actors are often stressed, nervous, and nervous on the day of shooting, which is perfectly suited to the movie. Manuela Velasco is actually a TV presenter in her native Spain, and the rest of the supporting cast is mostly unknown faces who are hired based on their improvisation skills there.

The Orphanage

best thriller Spanish movies The Orphanage

The orphanage is a not-so-new setting for horror movies, usually in the best thriller Spanish movies, but “The Orphanage” – a Spanish thriller movie is always at the top of the list of the worth-watching Spanish thriller movies on Netflix thanks to its multi-layered story, no shortage of buttons. Dramatic tightening and spine-chilling scares are tightly set up.

What are special things in the plot that make this film rank in the list of best Spanish thrillers?

“The Orphanage” is about Laura (Belén Rueda), who has happy memories of her childhood in the orphanage. She persuaded her husband to buy the place and convert it into a shelter for homeless children. One day, her adopted son, Simón (Roger Príncep), disappears. Laura became seriously ill, and when he was still missing a few months later, he was presumed dead. The grieving Laura believes she hears spirits who may be trying to help her find the boy.

While many might classify “The Orphanage” as a horror, it works brilliantly as a Spanish thriller movie as well because it’s completely devoid of cheap scares. Director JA Bayona has turned this thriller into a very introspective, insightful, and profound study of grief, something that Mike Flanagan also instills deeply in his horror masterpieces.

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Killing words

spanish thriller films Killing words

Being highly appreciated as one of the best thriller Spanish movies, “Killing Words” is the second project by actress and director, Laura Mañá. And, it’s a far cry from her feminist debut, which is completely different, devoid of love.

By trying out the movies to practice Spanish, you will be a master!

The content of this thriller Spanish film revolves around Ramon (Dario Grandinetti) kidnapping his ex-wife Laura (Goya Toledo) to play psychological games with her. He is a serial killer who wants her to confess that she lied during her divorce hearing. And he started playing the string with her when the stakes were very high and she needed to win every round to get closer to survival. He was arrested before he could finish, and during interrogation, he relentlessly denied Laura’s whereabouts.

As two police officers try to uncover the truth, the roles of victim and victim are constantly being changed. And, suddenly, the audience noticed something unusual.

Although the plot is considered limited, it cannot completely solve the problem, but the steady rhythm of the thriller movies in Spanish and the motives of the characters are deeply imprinted in the viewer’s mind.

Despite acting in many Spanish thriller movies on Netflix, Dario Grandinetti is the one with the better performance of the four main characters for this time. He has a charming, dedicated performance and is especially brilliant in the interrogation scenes. Laura also meticulously made sure that Goya’s character never raised eyebrows in front of an official victim.

Julia’s Eyes

Spanish thrillers on Netflix Julia's Eyes

Julia’s Eyes by Guillem Morales is not only one of the best Spanish thrillers but also a work of exquisite visuals. The film follows Julia (Belén Rueda), as she gets closer to dealing with the death of her twin sister, while a degenerative eye disease leaves her increasingly blind.

The script captivates the audience and puts them in Julia’s shoes. So they see what she sees, they fear what Julia fears. The commitment to audience engagement makes it one of the most enjoyable and satisfying experiences

Guillem just got an image of a woman with bandaged eyes. Her eyes had surgery and she was unable to remove the bandages for two weeks. With this image and information in mind, he began developing the plot with writer Oriol Paulo. While the script was still in draft, he met and presented the idea with Guillermo del Toro.

Secret in their eyes

thriller spanish Secret in their eyes

“Secret in Their Eyes” is another title on the top of the best Spanish thrillers, even though director Juan José Campanella never wanted to call it a horror one.

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The plot may be different from many other Spanish thriller movies on Netflix. This film follows Benjamín (Ricardo Darín), a retired federal officer looking to write a novel about a particular case he worked on 25 years ago. He meets Irene (Soledad Villamil). She was the new department head at the time and currently holds the post of judge. The case is about the brutal rape and murder of a young girl, Liliana (Carla Quevedo).

In 2010, it became the second Argentine film to win the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. The previous season was “The Official Story” (1985), and actor Pablo Rago acted in both these thriller movies in Spanish!

There is a large amount of humor hidden deep in the film, masked by a suspense/horror episode. You get to know the characters with their flaws, the villains, and the heroes who are egomaniacs.

The Skin I live

The Skin I Live In

Director Pedro Almodóvar described “The Skin I Live In” as a thriller Spanish story “without the screams” but made the audience goosebumps because of the obsession with the skin of the character Dr. Robert Ledgard. The film was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 2011 and won the Foreign Language Film category at the 65th BAFTA.

Antonio Banderas acted as a surgeon named Ledgard, who spent 12 years creating a perfect fireproof skin to regenerate his wife and children killed in a traffic accident. Despite his normal appearance, Dr. Ledgard is a mad scientist, obsessed with his scientific work and ready to do whatever it takes to successfully carry out a shocking experiment, including imprisoning a girl. Labeled R, contains many gory, dark scenes, exploiting the terrifying aspects of the human psyche as they break all boundaries to challenge death with science. Absolutely, “The Skin I Live In” is one of the best thriller Spanish movies and should not be missed if you are a fan of the horror genre.

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Tigers Are Not Afraid

 Tigers Are Not Afraid

“Tigers Are Not Afraid” weaves elements of the supernatural and harsh social realities to tell a haunting story through the eyes of children forced to grow up too quickly.

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Estrella’s normal life is suddenly turned upside down when the school is closed due to a shooting and her mother suddenly goes missing. After encountering Shine, a wandering boy who broke into Estrella’s house to steal things, Estrella joined Shine’s “gang”.

Five children, including Morrito, just 4 years old, both survive in the chaotic city full of corpses and seek revenge for the death of their loved ones. Meanwhile, Estrella’s mother has indeed returned but is a ghost that does not stop following her. Exploiting the fate of children ruined by the drug war, Mexico’s top burning problem, female director Issa Lopez’s fantasy/horror film not only scares viewers but also wipes away tears. because of the tragedy that children have no childhood.

The Invisible Guest

 spanish thriller netflix The Invisible Guest

The death of his lover in a closed room made Adrian – a young businessman, the number one suspect. During a short time on bail, Adrian was forced to tell Virginia Goodman – a female lawyer capable of helping clients cope with the prosecutor’s questioning when standing in court.

“The Invisible Guest” is one of the Spanish thriller movies on Netflix and crime films released in recent times. Not getting caught up in lengthy, redundant details, director Oriol Paulo’s work focuses on building a mind-boggling battle.

The first half of the film is used to explain to the audience the context and circumstances leading to the murder when Adrian tells his story to Virginia. Thanks to that, the audience also has their own inferences. But in the second half, the pace of the film quickly accelerated and turned the situation around with a series of unexpected details. The Invisible Guest gave the audience a headache to speculate, drawing them into the suffocating tension and then breathing a sigh of relief at the satisfying ending.

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Hopeful, through the top 10 best Spanish thriller movies we suggest above, you will have more options to watch for relaxation. In addition, you can see more genres on Spanish Language Movies website.