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Best Spanish TV Shows – Entertainment is an essential part of our daily life after long hours of hard work. There are a variety of choices for what to do for entertainment, but the majority take the TV shows/ series as the first priority. With the rapid development, Spanish TV shows have become more varied, and attractive with good series for learners as well as popular shows all over the world. Here comes the list of the top 10 worthy-watching Spanish language TV shows.

Top 10 Best Spanish TV Shows to Watch

La casa de Papel – Money Heist

good spanish tv shows

Known in English as “Money Heist”, this can be considered the best Spanish TV show on Netflix.  “La casa de Papel” is about a group of robbers together to commit the most audacious robbery in Spanish history. The initial aim was to commit the ideal crime: infiltrating Spain’s Royal Mint, which would make them wealthy while hurting no victims. In this hot thriller Spanish TV series, friendship and loyalty are put to the test when plans go bad.

“La Casa de Papel” is the type of Robin Hood-themed series that we’ve all fantasized about appearing in. These thieves have no desire to harm people; they have no desire to rob a small family store or harass elderly ladies on their way to the market. They want to use money printing to combat a system that has irritated them for years.

Besides, watching the popular Spanish TV show also helps you improve your language skills that aren’t taught in language schools. You’ll be a master of criminal and legal jargon after viewing this series without ever having to pick up a book. Furthermore, there are several genuine dialogues and slang that will help you get more familiar with the language used in real conversation.

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Nail It!

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This is an American-originating good reality TV show that launched on Netflix on March 9, 2018, and has Spanish subtitles to watch. The series is a reality-style bake-off competition in which three amateur bakers compete to recreate intricate cakes and confectionery in order to win a $10,000 cash prize and a “nailed it” trophy.

“Nail It!” was inspired by the craze of people who tried and failed to make elaborate cakes they found on the Internet. In this best Spanish TV show, the contestants participated in two challenges during 35 minutes of practice; Their efforts were judged by co-hosts Nicole Byer and Jacques Torres, along with a different guest judge each episode.

Why do we say that it is a hot Spanish language TV series to watch? Lett’s follow the rule below:

The first challenge is called “Baker’s Choice”, in which the contestants choose one of three existing cakes and try to recreate it. The winner of this challenge will receive a special prize and be allowed to wear the chef’s golden hat.

In the second round, the contestants in this Spanish show had two hours to recreate an intricate cake from scratch. Each person receives a “Panic Button”, which allows them to receive three minutes of assistance from one of the judges. The baker with the lowest score from the first challenge receives a second button to distract the other bakers – specific functionality varies from episode to episode, but usually involves Nicole doing bother bakers. Three judges decided on the winning cake based on presentation and taste. The winner gets a trophy and a $10,000 prize.

Following “Nail It!”, a popular TV show in Spanish, audiences are able to witness a lot of funny moments and full of jokes, friendship, and wisdom from the jury.


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Narcos is the prep for all the action-packed drug gang dramas, presenting for one of the most popular Spanish TV shows on Netflix. The main original plot of this series deals not just with the behind-the-scenes aspects of leadership of a drug gang, but also with the time law enforcement has to go through to fight this huge industry.

The Spanish TV show also chronicles the life stories of famous public figures like Pablo Escobar and the targets government officials have targeted. Additionally, Narcos also describes money-hungry people who don’t stop at making a name for themselves. This gripping TV series in Spanish details what really happened in Colombia in the late 80s and how people are willing to risk their lives for money and power in a world full of dangers.

Talk to her

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“Talk to Her”, a hot new Spanish TV series, tells about two twisted love stories, Marcos and Lydia, one is that of a journalist, a female warrior, and a one-sided love of nurse Benigno for Alicia. It took Marcos 10 years to forget a love affair, then he met Lydia. This girl also fell in love with a bad guy, then accepted to love Marcos but still couldn’t forget her old love. Lydia decided to tell the journalist the truth about her feelings and then get back with her ex. Before she had a chance to do that, however, Lydia entered the bull ring and was so injured that she fell into a deep coma.

Nurse Benigno has been in love with a dance student Alicia for a long time, but it wasn’t until this girl got into a car accident and fell into a coma that he had the opportunity to work as a private nurse and take care of her. Every day, Benigno patiently told stories, and read books to Alicia, devoted to his lover to the point of pity. Benigno also advises journalist Marcos to talk a lot with his lover who is living plant life.

This Spanish-language TV series raises an issue that the director wants to present in the emotional relationship between people. People have to talk to each other, understand, to sympathize. Talking to reduce loneliness, erasing the situation that people have to live in loneliness.

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Aquí no hay quien viva

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Here is a good Spanish TV comedy show to watch, which centered on the inhabitants of a fictional building at the address Desengaño 21 in central Madrid.

The TV series follows the whole neighborhood, which is divided into three apartment floors, each with two flats. In addition, there is a doorkeeper’s lodge on the ground level, as well as a commercial location (Most of the time a video rental club). Hilarity reigns supreme when the cast’s lives collide.

This is known as one of the best Spanish TV shows because it was the third most-viewed show of its time and received multiple honors in its own nation. The population demanded eight separate versions throughout the world, with a 2011 release date set in the United States. 

The show lasted five seasons and had a total of 90 episodes. (Due to the length of the third season, the DVD release divided it in half, thus some consider the program to have six seasons)


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The hot new series with a full 13-episode is available on YouTube and is designed to help you learn Spanish.

That’s highly recommended to watch as it is similar to the “Friends” series, the story of this popular TV show in the Spanish language revolves around a group of friends living in Barcelona. An American boy, Sam, comes to stay with two girls, Anna and Lola, the series follows the adventures of the group and Sam’s attempt to learn Spanish. His communication mistakes often lead to rather ridiculous misunderstandings, as anyone who learns a language is sure to understand.

Because the show is a good show to watch in Spanish designed specifically with language learners in mind, the characters speak slowly and clearly and often repeat themselves. The Spanish characters correct Sam when he makes mistakes and there are occasional summaries of the language Sam is learning. The series is funny and hilarious, although the canned laughter in the background can be a bit annoying.

In terms of language level, this series is perfect for beginner to intermediate level students. Even beginners can gain something from the show as it’s pretty easy to see what’s going on from the context and summary. It‘s truly a good TV series in Spanish for being a good way to review and entertain higher-level students.


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This might qualify as a modern-day Spanish drama TV show which is very good to watch but the acting and story are much better than the other old-fashioned TV series in Spanish and it’s set in Madrid! The fashion, music, and explosive moments of the American 50 hit song alone make for great entertainment, but this show also has a great cast and some super likable quirky characters.

Velvet is set in a department store and revolves around lower-level seamstresses/employees and their relationships with wealthy (and more upper-class) shop owners as well. like their friendship with each other and life in Madrid in the world of high-end retail in the 50s.

The main characters of this popular TV show in Spanish are Ana and Alberto – a beautiful seamstress from downstairs and the muy guapo son of rich owners, who have been in love since they were children but they continue to be bullied and taken apart by Alberto’s family.

Sort of like a movie with a hierarchy of top-bottom but with much better romance, drama, and fashion. A lot of audiences feel so sad as they only made three seasons!

En Terapia

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En Terapia originally started as an Israeli show but has since been replicated worldwide in countries such as the US, Romania, Poland, Japan, and Argentina. It’s can be called one of the best Spanish TV shows.

The show’s plot revolves around a psychotherapist who sees four different patients in a week and then tells his own supervisory therapist about his patients in the week’s final episode. For each week, you learn more and more about each character until there is some kind of climax at the end of the series.

This Spanish series is good for learners to watch for pure listening practice. No “action” exists, so to speak, just each character sitting on the couch and telling their story to the therapist.

“En Terapia”, in spite of hot Spanish TV shows, can be quite difficult to follow for some people because of its lack of visual aids, but it is a fascinating insight into Argentine culture and is especially interesting because Argentine are known for their love of therapy. If you can follow this, it’s definitely worth it.

Los Serrano

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This fantasy film is one of the most successful and most loved in Spain and also abroad! It also may be a new Spanish series for some.

Los Serrano is about the adventures and adventures of the Serrano-Capdevila family, who have always guided the lives, love, and trials of two families together. As they learn, grow, and enrich each other’s lives, you’ll be captivated by the superb acting performances and overall realism that makes this a truly global series.

Here’s another suggestion from a number of viewers, who all speak of the Spanish language TV series with fondness and a kind of aspirational sentimentalism. The show is fairly widely available with episodes uploaded to YouTube and Amazon Prime Video, which means it’s an easy-to-use option for those looking to practice their Spanish on a daily basis.

Paquita Salas

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Warm, funny, and touching are words to describe this popular Spanish TV show on Netflix.

The story revolves around the once-respected talented agent, Paquita Salas, who has fallen somewhat into obscurity and isolation. As the series continues to evolve, it shows how individuals must transform themselves to stay up to date with the ever-changing technological and social landscape.

But most of all, it shows us that determination and having a dedicated group of friends around you will make all the difference in life.

To conclude, it can be surely said that Spanish TV shows have been ranking an important part of the daily routine in this country. By watching these, you will not only relax your mind but also improve your skills if you are chasing this language. See more movie genres at Spanish Language Movies.

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