Broken Embraces movie review: Immerse yourself in the captivating cinematic world

broken embraces review

Broken Embraces film review – Broken Embraces movie is a four-way amour-fou story filmed in the style of hard-boiled 1950s American cinema noir, with classics like Nicholas Ray’s “In a Lonely Place” and Vincente Minnelli’s “The Bad and the Beautiful,” as well as hallmark Almodovar themes. The article Broken Embraces film review will lead us to other valuable aspects of the film.

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Overview of Broken Embraces movie

broken embraces movie
  • IMDb rating: 7.2/10
  • Genre: Drama, romance, thriller
  • Director: Pedro Almodóvar
  • Writer: Pedro Almodóvar
  • Stars: Penélope Cruz, Lluís Homar, Blanca Portillo

Broken Embraces movie summary

Before getting into the Broken Embraces film review, let’s take a look at the movie summary. What is Broken Embraces movie about?

broken embraces movie summary

The film’s content revolves around a director who has a romantic relationship with the lead actress Lena (Penelope). This role is a big challenge for the Spanish actress because filming requires the actor to be very focused while at the same time having to transform from one role to another. Director Pedro Almodovar is famous for his films exploiting extremely strong and individual female characters. This role of Penelope deepened that ethos. With realistic acting, and not being afraid of daring scenes, Tom Cruise’s ex-boyfriend makes men “sweat out” when immersed in the love story in Broken Embraces, the film directed by his own father. described as “sweet like my love of cinema”.

Broken Embraces film is built on the basis of the neo-noir films of the familiar melodrama genre in the US in the 50s. With the standard twist between present and past, between love and hate, secrets, lies… Broken Embraces with its simple plot is intelligently told, full of meaning, and downright engaging. coil. A sad love story of Lena – salty beauty, mysterious behavior, there is something very risky when we face her or adventure with her in the love game. However, it is often said: Red face, silver destiny …

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Now let’s watch Broken Embraces Review

broken embraces film review

Broken Embraces movie is seductive because of its sheer, gorgeous style; Almodóvar conjures a vivid, rich palette of colors with his cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto, which has the texture of something by Alfred Hitchcock or Douglas Sirk, but his handling of the material is so confident and distinctive that it goes beyond pastiche. And, with the help of his editor, José Salcedo, he seamlessly transitions from the past to the present. These smooth transitions give the picture its pleasurably dizzy, queasy aspect, subtle molestation of the audience’s inner ear.

The color red must be mentioned. Almodovar, who is known for his use of strong primary colors, uses red throughout the picture, including in the apparel, the décor, the lipstick, the artwork, and the furniture. The color red is associated with passion and blood. Almodovar has never produced a film that is more visually pulsing, and he isn’t afraid to show it.

broken embraces film

Broken Embraces movie is based on a dual narrative framework that pits father and son against homosexual and heterosexual opponents. Lluis Homar portrays a blind screenwriter in modern-day Madrid under the alias “Harry Caine,” despite the fact that he was formerly a well-known film director working under his true identity, Mateo Blanco.

He learns of the death of Ernesto Martel, a notorious Chilean financier who funded his final film as a director, and memories transport us to the heady 1990s when Mateo put Martel’s mistress in the starring part and had a passionate affair with her in exchange for the plutocrat’s extravagant funding. This is Penélope Cruz’s captivating Lena, whose beauty here achieves a swooningly hyper-real condition, a camp fantasy of Hollywood splendor, notably at the moment in which she experiments with a platinum-blonde Marilyn appearance in the dressing room mirror.

broken embraces review

Meanwhile, Martel, who is played with tailored elegance by José Luis Gómez, instructs his sullen son to spy on the pair with his video camera while filming a “making-of ” documentary. Ray, a sulky gay man played by Rubén Ochandiano, seems like someone David Walliams could play in a TV sitcom called Little Spain in the 1990s. Dark secrets are revealed in these flashbacks. Mateo is deafeningly deafened And, more importantly, what happened to Lena herself?

Despite the fact that the picture is visually uninteresting, its wordiness serves as a complement to Almodóvar’s great storytelling rather than a detraction. We experience the Broken Embraces film as an overflow of narrative delivered in some of its most sensational forms: secrets, gossip, confessions, and wildly unpredictable conversation, whether Mateo is going to treat us to a drawn-out verbal tangent in which he brings back ideas for his next script or another character about past sins.

It’s because Almodóvar’s films are built on a skilfully created illusion of inexhaustibility, and unthreatening plenitude into which the audience is encouraged to sink, that second-rate Almodóvar nevertheless manages to seem like a balm for the cinema lover’s spirit. Even the darkest souls, the greatest tragedies, and the most trivial art become reasons to live in his movie since if life is a tale, curiosity alone justifies our witnessing it to the finish.

In short, after watching the Broken Embraces movie review, you will surely see this movie is a cool, melancholy film that is only rarely amusing and sexual in a cold way. Because of its subtlety, it’s a picture that will reward several viewings, albeit not, unlike Almodóvar’s best work, because of any special affinity we feel for the characters.

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