Crimson Peak Review: Seducing Viewers With Gorgeous Visuals And Amazing Acting

Crimson Peak movie review

Magnificent, graceful, poetic, and beautiful are many adjectives one can hear Crimson Peak movie review. A film capable of conquering women’s hearts with ecstatic romantic love swings that is also reason enough to attract everyone. Let’s follow the article review Crime Peak full movie below to explore more about this film.

Overview of Crimson Peak movie

  • Genre: Drama, Horror, Mystery
  • Released year: 2015
  • Director: Guillermo del Toro
  • Cast:  Mia Wasikowska, Jessica Chastain, Tom Hiddleston
Review Crimson Peak Movie cast poster
Cast poster in the Crimson Peak Movie Review

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Summary of film

The Crimson Peak movie tells the story of a young female writer Edith Cushing who is pursuing a ghostly literary career, always haunted by the ghosts lurking from her childhood with a puzzling warning. She happened to meet aristocratic man Thomas Sharpe and fell in love with him even though her background was unknown. Edith accepted Thomas’s proposal, and on the same day, her father was brutally murdered at his club.

Edith’s childhood friend, Dr. Alan McMichael, is suspicious of the circumstances, but Edith refuses to let him investigate further.

Edith, the sole heir to the Cushing family fortune, married Thomas Sharpe and leave for England. They start life at the Sharpe family’s hundred-year-old ancient castle. Lucille, Thomas’ sister also lived there. And she is also the protector of the family’s dark secret.

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Lucille is cold toward Edith while Thomas remains physically aloof, their marriage unconsummated. Lucille obsessively plies Edith with tea made from “firethorn berries”, Edith grows weak and begins coughing up blood. Able to communicate with the dead, Edith tries to solve the mystery behind the ghostly house.

Edith realizes the scheme of Thomas and Lucille. Meanwhile, back in the United States, Alan has learned what Mr. Cushing uncovered about the Sharpes prior to his death. He travels to Allerdale Hall in the dead of winter to rescue Edith. The truth gradually becomes clear, what will Edith’s fate be? Let’s look at and feel the movie.

The Crimson Peak movie review

How successful is Crimson Peak 2015?

There is no more Crimson Peak movie review better than mentioning its success. Crimson Peak is a commendable attempt by Toro to bring back old values ​​in a new cinematic coat. We’ll see camera angles that only appeared in early cinema films, notably the rounded corners that are no longer used, and the chapter-by-chapter narrative typical of dramatic love stories.

Crimson Peak movie review
There is no more Crimson Peak movie review better than mentioning its success.

It must be said that those looking for a scary or haunting movie, like Pan’s Labyrinth, will be disappointed. It seems that the years are entertaining movies that influence Toro’s horror thinking a bit or make him a bit backward. He just reused old, standard, and predictable scares. However, in light of the fact that the horror is secondary, it has achieved its purpose, which is to cover the film with the right spooky atmosphere, like setting the stage for the actors’ performances.

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When hearing the name “Crimson Peak”, most people will immediately think of the horror genre with creepy scenes. But, like Edith herself commented on her work: “This is not a ghost story. It’s more like a story with a ghost in it” to me, Crimson Peak is heavily psychological about a sinful love. Perhaps that’s why the scare scenes in the movie are for illustration purposes only. The ghosts look very ugly and bad, certainly not effective for those who specialize in Spanish horror movies.

Beautiful horror cinema work

Drawing inspiration from the gothic stories of the past: romantic but dark, melancholy, and bizarre, Crimson Peak is beautifully cared for in small details. Even the cursed castle of the Sharpe family is spooky in a splendid way.

Review Crison Peak movie
Crimson Peak movie review is beautiful horror cinema work.

The cast of Crimson Peak here, not just the three main characters in the flesh. But also visual elements such as architecture, colors, costumes, musical elements with the captivating signature waltz, elements of iconic details such as the key and basement, all The whole thing, combined into one play, an enthralling tragedy precisely about secret love, haunting past, and hatred.

It won’t take us long to feel Toro’s talent, his meticulousness in setting the scene and arranging the colors. Red is the dominant color, but the red of blood, of clay, of inherent souls, contrasts impressively with the white of the snow, Edith’s skin, her innocence, and that white contrasts. with the darkness covering her sister Lucille, in a complete and artistic picture.

A convincing performance by the Crimson Peak movie cast

Crimson Peak movie cast
Review a convincing performance by the Crimson Peak movie cast.

It would be remiss not to mention the acting of the actors in the Crimson Peak movie review. Tom Hiddleston clearly needs to be focused and given more leading roles, because of his natural charisma. Especially for roles that require psychological depth and complicated knots in facial expressions. Hiddleston has deep eyes suitable for these roles, as well as an attractive angular face.

Jessica Chastain is also a factor that really gives a terrifying impression when fully embodying the role of Luccle. she harmonizes perfectly with the natural flow of the story, giving it both the dramatic and chilling it needs.

2016 Oscar candidates for film costume design

The image in the film is based on the context of 1901, the luxurious and powerful style in the old society immediately attracts viewers by the uniqueness and dreaminess through the classic and sophisticated costumes created specifically. for movies. “Each outfit seems to be an emotional journey and becomes a symbol for each person.” The materials used must also be suitable for the context, all the costumes were worn by the characters Thomas and Lucille are hand-stitched, sophisticated, and eye-catching like true works of art.

A message about horror obsession from the opposite side of love, women and men

Over the first 15 minutes, the film will make viewers think they are watching the wrong genre. It takes a little patience to watch the film because the horror nature of the film does not come from familiar cinematic tricks, visual effects, and sound. It comes from a not-so-new view of love, romance, poetry, but also brutality. How people behave in the face of being trapped in infatuation will determine the degree of tragedy in their lives. For nothing is scarier and scarier than the ugliness ingrained in the ambitious and deceitful nature of man himself.

From the end of Crimson Peak film, the writer’s very personal feeling is “shuddering” at the rage of women. They can seduce the world, endure the world, but also destroy the world. Here women are just a character, and love is just a cause because the world also has a part of men. If the love that both destroys and regenerates is exactly what director Guillermo del Toro wants to continue to convey, but in a trendy “romance”, then his success cannot be denied.

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