Dancing on Glass review: The destiny of the dance troupe

Dancing on Glass review

Dancing on Glass review: This is a Spanish movie presented in a complicated way through ambiguous details. Thereby, the film also talks about the struggle these ballet dancers face in their personal and professional lives. To find out more about this, we will follow the Dancing on Glass movie review article to have much emotion about the engaging movie.


Dancing on Glass movie

Overall, the movie has a great ballet performance. Outstanding movements and facial expressions make a dancer’s worth. Moreover, the film gives the audience many things to think about: friendship, freedom, and the ultimate decision.
Country: Spain (Las niñas de cristal)
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Director: Jota Linares
Production: Federation Spain

Dancing on Glass review of movie’s highlights

Dancing on Glass cast

This movie depicts a troupe of talented professional dancers. Dancers have different souls and fates. Prominent in it is the close friendship between the two dancers. In a world of their own making, they are passionate about art and feel safe. It takes us time to understand the character truly. The following are the outstanding actors in the film.

Irene: the ballet dancer Irene was selected to be the main dancer as Giselle in the big performance. However, She deals with a lot of pressure. Especially, she gained the friendship and started to have moments of fullness with passion.

Dancing on Glass movie cast

Aurora: A new dancer of the academy with a timid character. But she has a secret about dancing in the secure world she created. She also makes Irene discover many new things in their dance performance. micromanaging and infantilizing her daughter.

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Dancing on Glass aurora atress

Norma: The head of the dance troupe where dancers practice and perform. She is exploiting her dancers’ insecurities by control. There is the character that makes the plot twists more dramatic.

Dancing on Glass movie cast

Ruth: A dancer in the troupe who was competitive and pressured by her best friend’s death.

Dancing on Glass movie cast

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Plot summary

Dancing on Glass movie plot summary

Before getting into the Dancing on Glass review, let’s take a look at the movie synopsis. This movie is a 2022 Spanish drama about the life of ballet dancers and the psychological toll their discipline takes on its professionals. They are professional ballet but a depressing and disagreeable milieu. Dancers rehearse despite painful injuries on bloody feet. It’s possible that with the obsessive nature of the art, dancers have different ambitions. The opening scene shows a ballerina named Maria dancing herself off a rooftop in an act of suicide. Followed by footage of the hard practice scenes to prepare for the upcoming Giselle play.

During that time, the souls of Irene and Aurora found to make a great friendship. The pressures and fears in Irene’s life all melt away as they create a world together where reality and self-created worlds merge. Many excellent ballet dance performances are part of the film, especially the performance which Irene gave as Giselle in the end. Their friendship was like an intense connection. The melodies rang out, they danced wonderful moves together. The conflicts and suffering that pour out at the climax make the film so captivating and the ending ambiguous.

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Dancing on Glass movie achievement

Dancing on Glass was a huge hit in ballet dance Spanish movies. Besides that, the movie was awarded Málaga Spanish Film Festival (2022) and Best Spanish Film (Mejor Película Española).

Dancing on Glass reviews impressive things

Dancing on Glass movie review

At the beginning of the movie: At first glance, it looks like a beautiful performance. From clothes, shoes, and tunes all make work worth enjoying. But this is a thoughtful opening with the girl jumping off the roof.

Soundtrack: The melodies mixed with the dance of the dancers make everything quiet. Because this appears a lot throughout the episode and it is also an impressive thing for viewers when thinking about it.

Ballet Giselle: Love transcends everything, even death! The play creates unique scenes, engaging. The character’s efforts are all centered around that performance. Indeed, these are the memorable moments of the movie.

Impressive sayings: “ To turn your years of sacrifice into a moment of perfection” shows that a dancer’s life requires a lot of effort to be recognized in the profession.
The message in Dancing on Glass ends: “If I could tell you what it means, is there any reason to dance?” – Isadora Duncan. The halo and exertion under pressure create moments of confusion. What’s more, the lives of dancers are sometimes confusing, as complicated as the film conveys.

In our Dancing on Glass review, we can’t help but say the ending is rather ambiguous. Despite convincing performances, it all makes for a depressing slog through the lives of girls who feel misunderstood, overworked, and terrified that they’re expendable. Dancing on Glass movie plausibly poses them and forces you to think about the state of the artistic world. Consequently, if you also enjoy similar genres of movies, follow and join us – Spanish Language Movies which provides you with loads of impressive titles.

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