Elite Netflix Review: The School Crime Drama Is Exploited In A New Modern Way


Elite, a new Spanish-language juvenile crime drama on Netflix, has already been compared to several of the decade’s greatest twisting teen dramas. Why can we make a comparison like this? Are there any interesting settings or priceless scenes advancing the value of Elite? The article Elite Netflix review below will answer totally, let’s follow up.

Overview of Elite Series

  • IMDB score: 7.4/10
  • Genre: Crime, drama, thriller
  • Season: 5

elite netflix review

According to an Elite Netflix review, the series which many compare to other classic teen shows like “Gossip Girl” and “Riverdale,” stands out for its refreshing way of tackling topics like toxic masculinity, homophobia, and classism.

The teen drama, written by Carlos Montero and Daro Madrona, tells the narrative of three students (Samuel, Nadia, and Christian) from working-class families who are awarded a scholarship to attend Las Encinas, an expensive and privileged high school. A flurry of disputes unfolds as the three struggle to fit in with their rich peers, leading to a strange murder.

Information on “Elite” Netflix


elite netflix cast

Elite on Netflix witnessed the participation of many young actors. Carla Díaz in the position of Ari Blanco Commerford, a new transfer student from London whose condescending behavior annoys her classmates. Martina Cariddi plays Mencía Blanco Commerford, Ari’s younger sister. Manu Ríos acts as Patrick Blanco Commerford, Ari’s gay twin brother. Pol Grinch takes on the character of Phillipe Florian Von Triesenberg, the youngest heiress in Europe to start studying at Las Encinas. This is also Pol Granch’s debut role.

In addition, Elite Netflix cast also includes the following characters: Rebeka “Rebe” de Bormujo, Ávalos as Claudia Salas, Cayetana “Caye” Grajera Pando as Georgina Amorós, Samuel Garcia as Itzan Escamilla, Guzman Nunier as Miguel Bernardeau, Ander Munoz as Arón Piper, Omar Shanaa acts as Omar Ayuso.

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Before going into the Elite Netflix review, let’s take a look at the plot summary. This series tells the story of three poor students who received scholarships to attend the prestigious Las Encinas school for the elite in Spain. Here, the relationships and conflicts between these students began to arise, culminating in the mysterious death of the rich, docile lady Marina right at the school.

Season 2 of Elite on Netflix will revolve around Guzman (Miguel Bernardeau) – Marian’s brother – searching for the truth behind his sister’s death, while the real killer and his accomplices try to hide the guilt they have caused. In addition, the disappearance of Samuel (Itzan Escamilla) while trying to whitewash his brother Nano (Jaime Lorente) is also a big mystery that needs to be solved.

In this next season, it will continue to revolve around the dark issues in society in general and the rich in particular, which have been mentioned before but will be exploited in many different aspects. Elite new season 2 not only reveals more stories between couples, including same-sex couples, but also shows many signs of chipping, quarreling, and suspicion since Marian’s death. It is these frictions that contribute to the climax of the film and indirectly expose the secrets between the characters.


Elite 3 opens at the end of season 2, when Polo (Alvaro Rico) is released and returned to school, despite Guzman (Miguel Bernardeau) and Samuel’s (Itzan Escamilla’s) efforts to accuse him. Now, the battle to find justice for Marina’s death becomes more and more complicated as love, money, and power swing their influence on the group.

After the big events that happened at the end of season 3, the students of Las Encinas School once again faced a series of problems arising from the extremely strict new principal and four new classmates. Elite 4’s development was pushed to a climax when a mysterious character suddenly crashed at the New Year’s event, making the students present at the party become the number 1 suspect.

Recently, an Elite Netflix review said season 5 is no less hot when it brings a series of scenes labeled 18+. Season 5 of Elite continues the series’ crazy narrative approach, with these high school kids dealing with love, infidelity, booze, pleasure, envy, and everything else except school. Even Benjamin’s tough high school standards couldn’t keep these burgeoning youngsters in check. Expected, the new season of this Spanish-language movie will premiere on Netflix in June 2023.

Elite Netflix review



Netflix stated on January 17th, 2019 that the first season of Elite has been viewed by over 20 million accounts in its first month of availability. The series is the second-most-watched Spanish TV show on TV Time’s top 50 most-watched shows of all time, with a global ranking of number 25.

That same year Elite series was nominated as the best film in the Feroz Awards and won the GLAAD Media Awards in the category of TV series with a screenplay.

In 2021, actor Aron Piper was awarded the Best Television Actor at the 71st Fotogramas de Plata Awards.

Values and feelings of Elite on Netflix

The series Elite on Netflix is a well-crafted thriller. In conclusion, anyone may be the perpetrator, since each important character has a convincing motive for the crime. Elite avoids the pitfalls that How To Get Away With Murder and Riverdale had in the past when character growth and consistency have been compromised in the name of selling a surprise. Each student on Elite has a distinct set of viewpoints, goals, and psychological foundations. Even when — especially when — they screw up, their acts make sense.

The Elite series make use of flashbacks and flashforwards to create a fascinating experience. Viewers are transported from the current day, when a detective is investigating Marina’s (Mara Pedraza) murder, to the months leading up to her attack. As a result, each character’s backstory is examined throughout the episode.

“Elite” also demonstrates the presence of classism, racism, xenophobia, and homophobia in all civilizations. When Nadia defends her hijab after the school’s principal informs her she faces expulsion if she continues to wear it, it is one of the most dramatic scenes in the series.

Toxic masculinity is another theme explored in “Elite” on Netflix. Guzman embodies the traits of a privileged villain: he is commanding, manipulative, and aggressive.


As the play proceeds, though, we get to glimpse more of Guzmán’s aspects. He’s very protective of his family, especially his sister Marina, and he’s devoted to his buddies to the point of obsession, and he ends up falling for the girl he set out to humiliate. It also helps that Miguel Bernardeau offers an outstanding portrayal in the part, displaying the classic bad guy humanizing traits that few TV villains possess.

Elite has featured school movie colors when the film color is very fresh and eye-catching. This series has very successfully recreated the rich life of high-class children with luxurious villas, expensive cars, designer clothes, and epic Party nights. The love scenes in the movie are very hot, bold but also quite artistic

Also, the audience appreciated the Elite soundtrack. The music carries the breath of youth but also fits the character’s mood in each scene. The more recent episodes, the better the soundtrack, especially in season 2, the music is very focused on exploiting.

Through Elite Netflix review this series is a truly Spanish school film. The drama is filled with drama and 18+ scenes in roundabout relationships and endless conflicts. As being attractive and dramatic, but to see how high school students in the land of bulls study and play, this is also a series of movies you should work on. We also suggest you enter Spanish language movies to get a bunch of films and more other Spanish movies review.

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