Heirs to the Land Review: Revenge from the crimes

Heirs to the Land review

Heirs to the Land review: This series is based on the novel by Ildefonso Falcones. This is excellent at the events of another Netflix original adaptation of the author’s product: Cathedral of the Sea. It brings a dramatic saga. For this reason, we will follow the Heirs to the Land movie review article to have much thought about great movies.


heirs to the land cast

The movie were set in the 14th century. The majority of the drama’s value lies in the artsy things. But at its real heart, the series is an antiquated, insensitive foray into 1300s Barcelona. This is a deep mark on historical crimes by the segments that become the climax.

Original Language: Spanish (Los herederos de la tierra)
Director: Jordi Frades
Network: Netflix 
Genre: Historical film, drama

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Details of Heirs to the Land review

The main cast

The cast of Heirs to the land Netflix has turned up trumps with the combination of characters with excellent acting. They express the character and sufferings of this stage.

  • Hugo Lloris – fictional character (played by David Solans and Yon González): A young man of modesty who makes us feel pain. He considers himself in the crosshairs of their conflict to fight evil. He is impeccable in his facial expression showing the determination to take revenge.

Heirs to the Land Hugo Lloris

  • Arnau Estanyol: was a good man who had a benevolent nature. He protects Hugo during the time he suffers from poor condition. Moreover, Arnau is also beset as he is by the vengeful Puig. 

Heirs to the Land Arnau Estanyol

  • Mar Estanyol: is Arnau’s wife who has a kind soul. Mar pleads to her husband when he refuses to flee the city. She always worries about her small family. 

Heirs to the Land Mar Estanyol

  • Genis Puig (Crispulo Cabezas): the Count of Navarcles, whose family has some dicey history with Arnau. He rounded up innocent people and was happy with evil deeds. 

Heirs to the Land Genis Puig

  • Bernat: the son of Sir Arnau, he has just set on a journey from Barcelona to Constantinople. He’s also one of the characters who seek justice for his father along with Hugo.

Heirs to the Land Bernat

Heirs to the land plot Review

heirs to the land netflix movie review

The story races along over the eight episodes. Heirs to the land Netflix has lots of twists and turns, with some of them being quite unexpected. The movie tells the journey of adulthood that has an impact on the life of the main character Hugo. Hugo’s life was not easy. Since the more cruel hand of power comes meaning the new king and his wicked wrongdoers take over. Hugo couldn’t suffer the injustice done to Sir Arnau. Hugo vows to take revenge on the Puiges.

On this journey, he accompanies Bernat the son of Sir Arnau, who has come back after knowing about his father’s death. He deals with challenges in this growing case between dignity and autonomy. Finally, Hugo Llor becomes a winemaker after his struggles filled with poverty and pain.

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Heirs to the Land Netflix reviews impressive things

heirs to the land netflix

Great footage: is full of crime and improper rulers. The overview picture depicts the sufferings and tears of the lowly people without power who suffer injustice. 

Humanity: Hugo is protected by the Arnau Estanyol family. Hugo was given shoes from his wife Arnau as a sign of stability to deal with the difficult situation in his life.

Impress Anecdotes: Each character has their concerns and personality. During the film, the voices of those in power become cruel and rude. Weak people just keep quiet and express their feelings through facial expressions.

Complicated design and beautiful cinematography: make highlight content. Give viewers the real thing and feel the pain.

Empathetic view:  The movie has brought suffering so that viewers can feel the most realistic crimes of that period. Hatred and dreams will be the answer without end.

The message: 

  • “ The sea is beautiful, Hugo. But It can also be cruel”: Hugo’s first heartbreak when he suffers from his father’s death. 
  • Violence against women and minorities is a tool repeatedly used for a single purpose in that period.

The Cathedral of the Sea: symbol related to Heirs to the Land Netflix movie. The temple is a true marvel, as wide as a mouth open in admiration. Actually, it is designed to hold big congregations. In the same way, a well is designed to hold water or a shipyard to build the tall ships and galleys that will set sail on the large sea.

heirs to the land movie review

Overall, according to the Heirs to the Land review, we can see this is quite captivating. This is a movie that is full of murders, and plot twists, with great character development. Especially, if you like period dramas, the storyline is very interesting and mostly will not let your mind wander.  If you also enjoy similar genres of movies, follow and join us – Spanish Language Movies which provides you with loads of impressive titles.