Money Heist Review: The Strong Outbreak Of The Bank Robbers Gang

Money Heist Review: Netflix’s Spanish heist thriller La Casa de Papel is gorgeous, intensely tense entertainment. Each episode leads to the next episode, building drama before the choppy, explosive finale. As soon as it was released, it achieved much success and consensus from the audience. The following Money Heist Netflix review article will give us a better understanding of the seasons of this notorious series.

Overview of Money Heist movie

  • IMDB: 8.5/10 (197.334 Rate)
  • Google: 97/100
  • Rotten Tomatoes: 100/100
  • Genre: Crime, Drama, Action
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Throughout the series are the robberies of the whole gang that robbed the Bank of Spain. They have done many missions big and small, but during the mission, they encountered countless other stories and problems.

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Information about Money Heist on Netflix

Money Heist review cast

The main cast of Money Heist includes a leader named The Professor and criminals with unique abilities with separate pasts and destinies.

  • Professor Character: One of the keys to the Money Heist character is a figure of astronomical information under the wall of geography, knowledge, and disciplines of science, geography, history, culture, architecture, and anatomy, all known.

money heist netflix cast

He is a key figure in the bandit that sets out general rules such as not falling in love while working and not killing others during the performance of the mission. And also the one who rescued the fairies from dangerous situations

  • Tokyo: The girl and the most dangerous in the million-dollar mission gang season 1 and even season 2. Tokyo has a hot-tempered personality and acts on emotions a lot
  • Berlin: is a flamboyant, girl-killing gentleman who is passionate about wine and games. However, in the gang of robbers of the century, he was the professor assigned the task of leading the team. Berlin works professionally, focusing on the plan so that there are no mistakes.

Money Heist review cast

  • Nairobi: The second woman in the gang, along with Tokyo, has been counterfeiting money since the age of 13 and played an important role in this mission.
  • Raquel Murillo plays with a strong impression because of her intelligence and confidence in solving cases. She is the best police officer and has the best investigative skills in the Spanish police department. However, her private life is not beautiful, the family is broken because her husband beat her to fight for custody of the children

Brief plot

Money heist review

The gang of robbers in the Million Dollar mission. As a professor, he plays a leading role in the operation. He sought to recruit wanted criminals with extraordinary abilities to carry out a conspiracy to sleep for years. The band of robbers was then formed with 8 members specializing in red jumpsuits and masks Daily and the professor. The professor had to give each person a name corresponding to a country including Berlin, Tokyo, Rio, Nairobi, Denver, Moscow, Helsinki, Oslo…

The invincible bandit has successfully performed many multi-million dollar missions. But with a rule not to kill anyone. The story about the sad past of the bandits and how they escape after each case is also something that the audience is very interested in.


The rating of the million-dollar mission in Spain is among the worst of all time with a viewership of up to 4.08 million people.

After landing, Money Heist Netflix held its position as the most-watched TV series on the platform for six consecutive weeks and became one of the most popular series on IMDb. The series regularly hits the top trending worldwide on Twitter, largely thanks to celebrity mentions

Money Heist Review highlights in the movie

Impressive soundtrack

Spanish singer Cecilia Krull composed the lyrics and performed the series’ theme song, “My Life Is Going On”, while the song’s music was composed by Manel Santisteban, who was a former songwriter. Composer for the film Vis a vis. With the meaning of promoting confidence in one’s own abilities and faith in the future, the title song is played in the trailer near the beginning of each episode. The song is mainly inspired by the character Tokyo in the first episode of the series when she is rescued by the Professor from a desperate situation. The female singer wrote the lyrics in English because this language came naturally to her in the process of composing.

money heist movie song

The Italian song with an anti-fascist message appears several times throughout the series, especially in two iconic scenes: at the end of season 1, while preparing for the heist, the Professor and Berlin sing together. The song seems to honor itself as the resistance against the powerful. At the end of season 2, when the thieves escape from the Mint, the song plays like a metaphor for freedom.

Background music: At the end of each episode of seasons 1 and 2, there is also introduction music about the cast and crew. But this is not just background music. It is powerful, stimulating, engaging, and special that will make you watch the next episode immediately without being able to go to sleep or do anything else.

Captivated details

The special feature of the works from the land of bulls fully converges in Money Heist Netflix Season 1, which is the fast and urgent development of the film and along with it are ironic and more or less inhibiting details. But it is that inhibition that makes the film stay in the minds of each audience longer.

money heist netflix review

The show interweaving between unexpected situations that arise along with the professor’s lectures makes the film much more attractive. Besides, the relationship between the characters is an important highlight that makes the movie attractive. As I mentioned in the article The Skin I Live In, there is a reverse psychological effect that occurs when the victim stays with the criminal for a long time, it is easy to develop feelings when the victim is suddenly surprised. be kind, and it was true in the first season of Money Heist.

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How to build a character: The art of building a character in a movie is right at a level far beyond any movie about crime and looting. They have separate pasts, each with their own destiny, and the director very skillfully explain to the viewers why they chose the professor and followed him to put their own lives into the crazy plan. ever had. Watching the movie, you will be amazed at the plans that the professor draws

The emotional element in the movie

money heist characters
Money Heist Review appreciates the emotional element in the film

The love

In the Money Heist review, it is impossible not to mention the emotional element.

Professor and Raquel’s love is so deep, that they seem to be born for each other. When they are together, they can be themselves, and feel what love is.

And Denver and Monica is a fairy tale of a hero-saving beauty. Their love is beautiful. The way Denver looked at Monica made me feel such strong and sweet love. This proves why Denver considers Monica’s child as her own.

Paternity, blood brotherhood

Not only love, in the Money Heist review, we want to mention paternity, or blood brotherhood is also great to be brought to the screen by the director. Moscow really loves her son and wants him to stay away from all the evils of life.

Professor Sergio Marquina, before committing the robbery, knew his brother was sick and just waited for death to call away in days. He insisted on canceling the mission that he devoted his life to curing Andrés de Fonollosa.

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Through the Money Heist series on Netflix review article, we can see this film really a hit movie with a genre that is not new but unique in the way the plot is built. If you are also interested in similar movie genres, please join us – Spanish Language Movies which provides you with countless excellent blockbuster titles.