Top 10 best movies in Spanish on Hulu should be watched at least once

best movies in spanish on hulu

Best movies in Spanish on Hulu – Hulu is known as the leading website to stream TV shows, sports, and movies at high speed. Which, the movie industry is a strong point that users are satisfied with on this platform. Hulu features streaming full seasons of exclusive films, current fall TV, hit movies, kid’s shows, and more on your favorite devices.

Here you can easily find Spanish language movies for both entertainment and foreign language learning. The films premiered in a variety of ways suitable for many audiences, and ages, and serving different purposes. In today’s article, let’s find out the top 10 most worth-watching movies in Spanish on the Hulu platform.

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Top 10 best movies in Spanish on Hulu

“Asmodexia”  is one of 10 movies in Spanish on Hulu

movies in spanish on hulu

  • Genre: Horror
  • Cast: Albert Baró, Marta Belmonte, Pepo Blasco

This religious-based horror thriller set in rural Spain will undoubtedly appeal to fans of “The Exorcist.”

Eloy, the deposed leader of a powerful religious cult, and his teenage granddaughter, Alba, are the central characters in the film. While on the run from Eloy’s old cult, the two travel across the nation exorcizing demons. Ona and Diana, two former cult members who are still involved in Eloy and Alba’s life, are also featured in the film.

The odd twists and turns in this Hulu Spanish movie, as well as the imaginative plotlines, make it an excellent pick for advanced Spanish students. You’ll have to rely on your Spanish abilities to keep track of what’s going on because there isn’t a predictable narrative. Turn on the subtitles if you’re a novice or intermediate learner – it’ll help you fight the impulse to shield your eyes during the terrifying parts!

“Ma-Ma” is also one of list hot movies in Spanish on Hulu

best spanish movies on hulu

  • Genre: Drama
  • Cast: Penelope Cruz, Asier Etxeandia, Luis Tosar, Alex Brendo Muhi.

Penelope Cruz fans will be overjoyed to discover this item among Hulu’s Spanish-language movie offerings. Cruz portrays Magda in the 2015 film “Ma Ma,” a lady who is beset by illness and sorrow. The film depicts Magda’s life when she receives an unexpected diagnosis, illustrating how her relationships evolve. The film is a heartbreaking, emotional drama with plenty of speech, making it ideal for language practice.

This film, like “Penumbra,” managed to avoid the “Latino” subheading and hence lacks the subtitle choices seen in other films on this list. It is, nonetheless, still a useful language tool, especially for those learning European Spanish.

Fearless Heart is Hulu Spanish action movie

Hulu Spanish action movie

  • Genre: Action, Drama
  • Cast: Ximena Duque, Adriana Fonseca, Jose Luis Resendez, Aylin Mujica. 

Do you like action, dramatic, and adventurous movies? Corazon Valiente contains all of this and more! In this PG-13 sitcom, two childhood friends reunite and strive to find love in their chaotic lives.

Will Angela and Samantha be able to find a healthy balance between their dangerous job as bodyguards and their desire to have their own families? Fearless Heart is now one of the greatest Spanish films available on Hulu.

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“Medianeras” (“Sidewalls”)

hulu spanish movies

  • Genre: Indie/Romance
  • Cast: Javier Drolas, Miguel Dedovich, Pilar Lopez

The main plot of this Hulu Spanish movie is about two complete strangers who share a shoebox flat across the street. Martin, an agoraphobic website designer, and Mariana, a jaded architect.

They find themselves trapped in a sea of around three million people in Buenos Aires, amid the backdrop of modern urban alienation.

To make matters worse, despite living on the same street, swimming in the same pool, and walking side by side, those two sensitive long-term loners had never met.

The towering, impassable barrier that divides them, on the other hand, may be the one thing that pulls them together.

“Penumbra” is one of the typical horror movies in Spanish on Hulu

best hulu movies in spanish

  • Genre: Horror/Thriller
  • Cast: Arnaldo Andre, Mirella Pascual, Christina Brondo, Sebastian De Caro.

Marga, a tough-minded Buenos Aires-based realtor seeking a new tenant in an old apartment, stars in “Penumbra,” an Argentine horror film. Marga had no idea that her new renters would soon plunge her into a world of horrors when she fills the empty flat.

“Penumbra” is full of surprises that will have viewers on the edge of their seats. If you appreciate frightening movies, you’ll probably be so engrossed in the story that you won’t notice the Spanish language practice!

East Los high

hulu movies in spanish

  • Genre: Drama
  • Cast: Gabriel Chavarria, Danielle Vega, Vannessa Vasquez, Alex Rodriguez.

“East Los High” is a Hulu Spanish original movie that talks about the adolescent drama that follows a group of Latino teens as they negotiate life in East Los Angeles’ ups and downs.

Peer pressure, being a single parent, violence, dark secrets, and sex, as well as drugs, pregnancy, and adultery decisions, are all faced by the protagonists.

Furthermore, the Bomb Squad, the high school dance team, is a hub of high-stakes drama, new films, passionate team dances, and forbidden romance.

“Hormiguitaz” (“Antz”)

movies in spanish on hulu

  • Genre: Children’s/Animated

The top 7 movies in Spanish on Hulu that we want to mention are “Hormiguitaz”. This beautiful Spanish animated film on Hulu, which follows the narrative of a worker ant named Z who tries to fit in with his ant colony, will be remembered fondly by children born in the 1990s. Z is a likable anti-hero who rises to defend his people from an external menace.

If you grew up watching “Antz,” you could discover that having a rudimentary understanding of the narrative helps you concentrate on grammar and vocabulary while viewing in Spanish. In fact, this may be an excellent film for anyone looking to switch from English to Spanish subtitles (or no subtitles at all).

This is an excellent alternative for anybody wishing to learn Spanish as a family, as it appeals to both children and adults.

I Love Jenni

hulu movies in spanish - I Love Jenni

  • Genre: Biography, Drama, Comedy
  • Cast: Jenni Rivera, Chiquis Rivera, Jacqie Campos, Jenicka Lopez

I Love Jenni is a documentary that follows Jenni Rivera, a Mexican-American singer, through her personal and professional lives. Rivera sold over 25 million records before sadly dying in an aircraft crash.

Her skill and commitment, on the other hand, live on via her children. Also, check out the trailer for this PG-13 film, which teaches important lessons about family, love, and stardom. So I Love Jenni is ranked as one of the best movies in Spanish on Hulu.


Ozzy hulu movies in spanish

  • Genre: Animation

Ozzy, on the other hand, has another low Tomatometer score, it’s noteworthy since it’s the first animated Spanish film on Hulu that was produced by Spanish filmmakers and features Spanish voices.

Also on Hulu, one of the finest Spanish films. Furthermore, Ozzy, a lovely beagle, will have to rely on new friends to help him break free from canine prison and return home safely to his family.

“Veneno: Primera Caida, El Relampago de Jack”

hulu movies in spanish

  • Genre: Biography, drama
  • Cast: Lola RodríguezIsabel TorresPaca la Piraña

Top 10 the movies in Spanish on Hulu must mention “Veneno: Primera Caida, El Relampago de Jack”. This is the first installment of a proposed three-part biography on Rafael Sánchez alias Jack Veneno, a legendary Dominican wrestler. Veneno struggles and fails to make a life for himself and his family as a youngster in the Dominican Republic and later as an immigrant to New York City in the 1980s in this sports-themed drama.

Wrestling is his only hope. However, as he climbs in prominence, he must pay a price. Relámpago Hernández, a boyhood buddy and fellow wrestler who shares Veneno’s desire for greatness, becomes Veneno’s sworn nemesis. When you add in some power-hungry politicians who want to take advantage of Veneno’s position, you’ve got a narrative that’s ripe for drama.

The Spanish spoken in the film is based on the Dominican accent, and the majority of the performers are Dominicans.

Above are the attractive movies available on Hulu that we recommend you to watch both to relieve pressure and increase your foreign language skills. These ten Hulu Spanish-language films reflect a variety of genres and nations of origin. However, they’ll all provide excellent Spanish practice for beginners. In fact, Spanish cinema will grow even stronger, there will be more good movies coming out, for quick tracking and earliest updates, please visit our page.