Parallel Mothers film review: Blood drops of origin

Parallel Mothers film review

Parallel Mothers film review: The Spanish film brings many unexpected truths from fateful encounters. Honestly, this is a fateful arrangement that God favors for the characters. Thereby, ‘Parallel Mothers’ also brings messages of love, family generation, and gratitude. For that reason, let’s follow the Parallel Mothers film review to better understand this great movie.

Overview of Parallel Mothers Movie

Parallel Mothers review

Parallel Mothers on Netflix is worth engaging, well-connected footage. The effort to make the film’s name is a long journey. The film reproduces the truth: life can be full of unexpected things, either happy or sad. It especially brings the miracle of motherhood intertwined. 

Country: Spain
Genre: Drama
Director: Director: Pedro Almodóvar
Production: El DeseoPathéRadio Televisión Española RTVE

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Parallel Mothers film review

The characters

Parallel Mothers movie cast

Parallel Mothers on Netflix is assured to please. Consequently, absolutely everyone will be able to appreciate characters who have excellent performances. In truth, the masses are also likely to be impressed by a story of women being there for one another in their life. In different ways, they can honestly express their love.

Janis: a middle-aged woman with a passion for photography. She has the purpose of researching her family history. Over the course of events, she has a relationship with the young girl who she has made close in the hospital.

Parallel Mothers review cast

Ana: a teenage girl who is giving birth to healthy daughters at the same time as Janis. Ana is the victim of the forced sexual advances made by her classmates. In addition, she is also hurt because her daughter has been dead for quite some time, cot death being the reason.

Parallel Mothers film cast

Arturo: the man who has not a committed relationship with Janis. He is a forensic anthropologist and is a part of a scientific foundation. He has supported opening the mass grave where Janis’s great grandfather is buried.

Parallel Mothers movie review

Teresa: Ana’s mother is a professional actress. She took 30 years to rise to fame. She loves her children and granddaughter but focuses on her career, she can not leave the theater.

Parallel Mothers cast

Parallel Mothers movie plot summary

Parallel Mothers movie is a series of related events revolving around Janis’s life. She would like to dig the mass grave that was constructed during the Spanish Civil War. A lot of men from her village were killed and buried there, which included her late great-grandfather. This leads to her and Arturo’s uncommitted relationship.

Parallel Mothers film summary

After that, she decides to keep the baby and raise it as a single mother. At this time, she meets Ana, who is also a single mother. Somehow, the problem happened when two babies were swapped. But unfortunately, Janis’s daughter passed away.

Honestly, both of them deserve to be the mother of the other child. Because they all have warm hearts and maternal love. The baby is also the thread that connects these two women. They understand and most importantly forgive each other. Parallel Mothers film on Netflix with an art opening and ending and gives the audience a lot of emotions. Parallel Mothers Netflix boasts a vibrant aesthetic and bittersweet tone that is unique.


Parallel Mothers film review achievement

With the success, the movie appeared on many American critics’ top ten lists of the best films of 2021 and was awarded Hollywood Music in Media Awards. Besides that, the National Society of Film Critics Awards is one of the excellent achievements of the Parallel Mothers film.

Parallel Mothers film review the remarkable things

Parallel Mothers review

AND test: This is the key to unlocking unexpected truths. It was because Janis used this method of testing that she knew that Ana’s baby.

Footage: The facts are connected and related to each other. The nature of events is shown understandably and emotionally.

About the Spanish Civil War: Janis says that until all of the missing persons have been given mass, “ This war is not over.” When Ana argues that Janis should instead focus on the future. The different ways between their thoughts.

Motherly love: This love is always special throughout the movie. No matter how old or young, a mother always loves and protects her child. This movie is a message of love and strength of a mother who always protects her children.

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Parallel Mothers film ending review

Granted, the Parallel Mothers film also has a happy ending. For this reason, Janis’s dream was fulfilled. Characters have a happy life with a combination of love and affection.  

Overall, the Parallel Mothers film review is a message about a lot of things in our life. The emotional levels in the movie will make us release and slow down to think about many things. If you are also interested in similar genres of movies, then join us – Spanish Language Movies which provide you with loads of touching titles.

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