Review The Body Spanish Movie: The Lost Dead And Series Of Horrifying Truths Behind

review the body spanish movie

Description: The Body Spanish movie turns out one of the horror-action films that make you realize the truth is at the end

Outstanding work from the Spanish film industry, perhaps second only to Hollywood. The Body owns a complicated plot, the film circuit is fast from the beginning, you will be led from one surprise to another and end with a knock-out at the end of the movie. Let’s follow the review article The Body Spanish movies below for more detail.

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Overview of The Body Spanish Movie

review the body spanish movie

Released date: December 21, 2012 (Spain)
IMDb rating: 7.6/10
Genre: Action, Drama, Crime
Director: Oriol Paulo
Spanish: El Cuerpo
Music by: Sergio Moure de Oteyza
Language: Spanish

The Body – crime drama film revolves around the case of a security guard running like crazy from the morgue where he works. After the police arrived, they discovered that one of the refrigerator doors was open and the body of a woman had mysteriously disappeared. A police detective team with the husband of the deceased to investigate the disappearance. Why did the corpse disappear? Is there a real criminal conspiracy behind that death or is there a hidden supernatural power that all reason tries to deny?

Information about the film

The cast of The Body Spanish movie

The cast of The Body Spanish movie

A significant contribution to the success of The Body Spanish movies must mention the cast full of personality if Belen Rueda makes the audience shudder through a luxurious but unpredictable lady Mayka, who likes to “possess” her friend. In life, Hugo Silva also fully transformed into an engineer Ulloa who was afraid of his wife but also liked the moon and butterflies. In particular, the Jaime police department inspector, played by Jose Coronado, exuded the necessary old, cold aura in that interesting character.

The plot

review the body spanish movie

This film is the story of a corpse that vanishes from a morgue under mysterious circumstances. Ajay Puri (Emraan Hashmi) is married to Maya Verma (Sobhita Dhulipalia), a wealthy entrepreneur who lives in Port Louis, Mauritius. Ajay married Maya because of her money. Furthermore, he is tired of the way she mistreats him.

Ajay is a guest professor as well as the owner of her pharmaceutical company. During one of the lectures, he meets a student named Ritu (Vedhika Kumar). Soon they start a romantic relationship. Ajay gets aware that if he asks for a divorce from Maya, he’ll be stripped of all wealth.

Hence he decided to murder her and devises a great plan. Maya gets anxious while taking flights. The day she is going to be back from a long flight from Los Angeles, Ajay pours a small amount of poison into her wine. It produces the same kind of symptoms that one gets while suffering a heart attack. The doctors would therefore conclude that she suffered the attack due to her anxiety over taking the flight.

Maya drinks the poisoned wine and dies later that evening, as planned. Her body is transferred to the mortuary, where it will be autopsied. When the body vanishes from the morgue, there’s a problem. Tara Singh, the caregiver, claimed to have seen the deceased Maya herself going out! SP The matter is investigated by Jairaj Rawal (Rishi Kapoor). Jairaj, on the other hand, is unable to overcome a personal catastrophe. The rest of the movie is built on what occurs next.

The original narrative by Oriol Paulo has several loose ends, but it might have been a superb suspense thriller. The adapted screenplay is faulty and very weak. The film needed some really nail-biting scenes. Instead, the writer added clichéd and run-of-the-mill scenes which hamper the impact. Dialogs are also nothing exciting.

Some comments & feelings about The Body Spanish Movie

review feelings about The Body Spanish Movie

Excellent script of The body Spanish movie

Overall, The Body – Spanish language film consists of two interlocking storylines: Mr. Jaime is determined to investigate the chemical engineer Ulloa to prove his involvement in Mayka’s sudden death; besides the process of Ulloa gathering evidence herself to confirm that Mayka is not dead. On the contrary, she is hiding somewhere and plotting revenge against him for daring to secretly love behind his wife’s back. The duel between the seasoned inspector and the clever engineer is sure to keep viewers watching until the very end.

Smoothly combining elements of horror and tense fighting, The Body makes you both curious, brainstorming inferences, and nervous and afraid before a series of extremely dramatic situations. Will his wife Mayka still be alive; Or was it a cruel joke made up by someone to destroy the Ulloa family, or even to reveal the veil of obscurity surrounding the incident? Questions will be gradually clarified throughout nearly 120 minutes of the film by countless “brain-twisting” twists beyond imagination.

The body had unexpected and unpredictable movie situations

It’s really hard to guess who is the mastermind based on the details provided, because the person we thought was pretending to be a ghost is… dead, someone who thought he was pretending to be stupid to cheat. It turned out that he was actually caught in a trap, while the seemingly unrelated character was the one pulling the strings for everything.

At the beginning of this action movie in Spanish, many viewers must have thought that this was just an old love-money case, Mayka was the mastermind and the marriage contract between the two was clear evidence. The truth is for everyone to keep this mindset until Mayka’s body is found, and she’s dead.

The second direction that viewers think of is that Alex has arranged everything when realizing he has two sisters and they also only appear in a short scene at the beginning of the film. However, this assumption was quickly dismissed as he fell into traps one by one, a mastermind could not be led so easily.

In the end, the character behind everything is a face “as so far but so close”. In fact, without his “confession” to Alex, the audience could hardly guess the truth of the matter. Because based on the previous circumstances, his motive for the crime was almost zero, not to mention how the police could kill people.

As mentioned above, this movie deserves to be replayed many times because the content idea, as well as the way to convey the message, is extremely interesting and attractive. Besides watching on Netflix or Amazon platforms, we also recommend the Spanishlanguagemovie website – which broadcasts a lot of great genres such as Spanish comedy movies, the best movies for kids in Spanish, and so on.

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