Suggest top 10 short Spanish movies for beginners to better your language skills

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Who said that learning a language had to be difficult and time-consuming? It’s a fun and efficient approach to enhance your Spanish, especially your listening comprehension, by watching Spanish-language movies. To help you enhance your Spanish abilities, we’ve produced a selection of the top short Spanish movies for beginners as below.

10 Short Spanish Movies for Beginners to Learn Spanish Easy

The Motorcycle Diaries

short spanish movies for beginners to learn Spanish

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It is a biographical film that depicts two friends’ teenage naivety as they are tested by exploitation and poverty while traveling in South America.

Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara’s awakening was portrayed by Gael Garcia Bernal in the film. When he was just 23 years old, the original ‘Che’ kept a written journal of his voyage. He was joined by his buddy Alberto Granado, both of whom were studying to be physicians. The people they encountered and the difficulties they faced as they traveled throughout the continent reflect a pre-revolutionary version of the ‘Che.’

This is one of the short Spanish movies for beginners, “Diarios de Motocicleta”, provides a wonderful opportunity to learn Spanish from various South American cultures and accents.

Maria Full of Grace

short spanish movies

Because it alternates between English and Spanish, this is one of the greatest short Spanish movies for beginners. Maria Alvarez, a 17-year-old from rural Colombia, lives with three generations of her family in this uncompromising drama. The story revolves around a pregnant Colombian adolescent who becomes a cocaine mule.

She did everything she could to raise money for herself and her family, allowing them to enjoy the American dream.


short spanish films for beginners

Of course, we must begin with Pedro Almódovar’s works, as he is the most well-known Spanish director. His films frequently include female protagonists. Penélope Cruz, his favorite actress, generally plays the lead female role. Almodóvar is well-known in the Spanish-speaking world, and his films are notorious for being a bit insane at times!

This Spanish film follows three generations of women in Madrid as they try to make the best of their lives. It’s a true work of art. Penélope Cruz plays the main heroine, who is struggling with the death of her spouse. She is attempting to pick up the pieces of her life and go on.

The Secret in Their Eyes

spanish short films

One of the finest Latin American thrillers is here. The film is a work of art that depicts the tale of justice and suffering. The film tells the story of Esposito, a retired legal counselor who is writing a book on one of his unsolved homicide cases.

The suspects lead Esposito on a pursuit throughout the movie. It also shows his understanding and competence in human behavior. This is the film to see if you enjoy suspense and mystery. You will learn about Argentina and its history, local dialects (Espanol Rioplatense), famous Spanish sayings, and other phrases with “Ojos” by viewing one of these Spanish films. It’s ideal for conveying the complexities of Spanish culture and language.

Open Your Eyes

short spanish films

Legendary director Alejandro Amenábar returns with another spectacular romantic film. The story revolves around a charming young man who falls in love with a lovely woman.

But when he was engaged in a tragic accident caused by his ex-girlfriend who was on a suicide mission, he was devastated. He had to live with the reality of his love for the lady he loved after it disfigured his face. It set in motion a chain of fantastic storylines and terrifying twists.

Abre Los Ojos is a film that will test your Spanish perception abilities while keeping you on the edge of your seat. This is one of the Spanish films that is considered a good choice for those who are learning this language


spanish short films for beginners

Alfonso Cuarón’s black-and-white Netflix film about the life of a Mexico City maid in the 1970s became one of the most popular streaming Spanish-language films of all time. It took home the prize for the best foreign-language picture, as well as first place for direction and cinematography.

The narrative emphasizes Mexican society’s class divisions without coming across as preachy. Advanced Spanish students should pay attention to the spoken language’s class and racial disparities. Parts of the video are also in Mixtec, an indigenous language that serves as a reminder that Mexico is still a bilingual nation.

Pan’s Labyrinth

spanish short movies for beginners

“Pan’s Labyrinth,” set in war-torn Spain in 1944, tells the story of young Ofelia, who discovers her true identity while exploring an ancient maze with faun Pan. The film is both a battle drama and a fairy tale, making it one of the most interesting films with which to begin your Spanish learning journey through cinema since it has a wealth of terminology related to fantasy, revolt, and conflict. Because some portions of the movie might be difficult to follow, make sure you turn on the subtitles.

El orfanato

spanish short films for beginners to learn Spanish easy

If you like horror movies with a level of drama and mystery, be sure to check out El orfanato. This great short film for learning Spanish is about Laura, who spent her childhood years in an orphanage and she has fond memories of that time. Together with her husband, she bought it to turn it into a facility for sick and ailing children. Not long after that, her adopted son Simon, who was seriously ill, disappeared. The arrival of Benigna, a social worker, begins to reveal the orphanage’s gruesome past.

Tres metros sobre el cielo

spanish short films for beginners to learn Spanish

Why not watch Tres metros Sobre el Cielo when you’ve had your fill of conflict and horror? In many respects, like Romeo and Juliet is now, the picture went on to become one of the highest-grossing Spanish films of 2010. It’s an excellent film for learning a variety of typical love words.

La Comunidad 

spanish short films for beginners

The last movie on the list of short Spanish movies for beginners is La Comunidad. This film is a black comedy directed by Spanish director Alex de la Iglesia. If you like your movies a little off-kilter – maybe death, money, angry neighbors, and humor wrapped together is your thing – then you’ll enjoy watching this film, and get the extra benefit of improving your Spanish! It’s perfect for intermediate-level learners, as you’ll learn vocabulary about communities and neighborhoods, as well as how to express opinions and hypotheses. As far as movies to learn Spanish go, this is one of the quirkier ones!

Hopefully, your journey of learning Spanish will be more effective with the list of short Spanish movies for beginners. If you would like to explore more genres of Spanish cinema, do not hesitate to visit the website Spanishlanguagemovie for more fun.

By trying out the movies to practice Spanish, you will be a master!