Sky High movie reivew: Ambitions of the underworld  

sky high movie review

Sky High movie review: This is a Spanish Heist Thriller With special styles. This is a journey filled with dramatic changes in the character’s life. A collection of scenes that are vaguely related to one another of the heists make the film worthwhile. Because of this, we will follow the Sky High movie review article to have much emotion about the excellent movie.


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This film is artfully produced, condensing the character’s expansive, years-long criminal career into an easily consumable mission. Throughout the crime scene, Sky High movie characters have had memorable memories. 

Country: Spain
Genre: Drama, Thriller, Adventure, Action, Crime
Director: Daniel Calparsoro

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Information about Sky High 2020

Sky High movie cast

According to a Sky High movie review, this film reappears a gang of young petty criminals who were from different backgrounds, but they both benefit from the robbery. Naturally, the relationships between the characters in the film are portrayed impressively. This constitutes a great breakthrough. The following are the top Spanish actors:

  • Angelito: The main character impresses in some regards he is an aspiring criminal. He has complex emotions when he is between the upper and lower classes and trying to reach the top. He can give a menacing head look at the people he is fighting against.

sky high movie cast

  • Estrella: A girl with a strong appearance exuding charm. She has a special relationship with Angelito. A passionate and intense sentiment in a life full of danger. 

sky high movie cast

  • Poli: A young man with many prison terms. This person also led Angelito into the underworld.

sky high movie cast

  • Mercedes: Ángel’s corrupt but brilliant lawyer is fantastic for the sole fact that she is one of the only people who comment on how poor of a criminal the protagonist is.

sky high movie cast

  • Duque: an obstinate cop who tries to capture Angelito.

sky high movie cast

  • Sole: Angelito’s legal wife. She is also a part that influences his life. 

sky high movie cast

Plot summary

Before getting into the Sky High movie review, let’s take a look at the plot summary.

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sky high film review

Sky High movie is a panorama about Angelito’s life associated with the robberies that made him famous. He started as one of the countless young men who live in the shack camp outside the city of Madrid ( Madrid, center of Spain). Suffering from poverty and working as a mechanic repairing cars in the mechanical store.  The ambitions of the youth made great footage. He spends his nighttime stealing everything from cars to jewelry with his friends Poli, Motos, and Gitano. Through turning points, he engages in sins.

In addition, Angelito falls in love with two women, Estrella and Sole. Estrella, who the person challenges Angel’s complex, is the only one who keeps him at arms with haughtiness, always making him immersed more, although their love story becomes increasingly complex and sad. Their youth and love are fleeting. For this reason, the ending of the movie is vague.

Finally, at the most intense moment of his youth, Angelito was also dedicated to his purpose. As is often the case with these dour crime dramas, the actors find small moments to inject life into the familiar beats. He also fell deeply in love and had vague feelings about his own life. The valuables that he robbed are now just something of an unknown. The most precious thing about him is the person who loves him and his true nature.


When writing the Sky High movie review article, we can’t help but mention the movie’s achievements. The movie was a huge hit in Spanish cinemas at the end of 2020, and Netflix quickly snapped up the international rights. If you want, you can totally watch Sky High movie on Netflix. Besides that, the movie was awarded in 2020: Málaga Spanish Film Festival: Official Selection.

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The Sky High movie reviews impressive things

sky high movie review

Soundtrack: Sky High’s songs bring the melody of youth to fuel the fire of passion. 

Quality of footage: transitions from a quiet scene to a sudden burst of action. Impressions with some unique locations result in some fascinating set places and repetitive car thefts.

Impressive sayings: “They are like ants” is the first sentence of the movie and repeated a second time when everything has turned to a new life. 

Memorable Dialogue: “From now on, I bring you exactly what you ask me to get. Deliver, get paid, done. That is simple.” Angel’s pitch to crime boss Rogelio. He has shown somewhere between youthful smugness and conceit to the point where he turns the game completely innocent.

In the consult, the Sky High Spanish movie review is quite unique. This is a heist crime drama with great character highlights. Part aspirational dream, part romantic love story, part high-end heist thriller, and part cautionary tale. The Sky High movie has more than enough to keep everyone focused. Consequently, if you like the plot of drama and crime movies that are interesting and mostly will not let your mind wander. If you also enjoy similar genres of movies, follow and join us – the Spanish Language Movies website which provides you with loads of impressive titles.