Sleep Tight Movie Review: Psychological horror film with a lot of scary details

Sleep Tight Movie Review

Sleep Tight Movie Review – Considered one of the most successful films in Spanish cinema. The film “Sleep Tight” is an 18+ movie with a number of curious and intriguing sets. Right here, let’s learn more about this psychological thriller by following the article below.

Overview of Sleep Tight movie

  • IMDB score: 7.2/10
  • IMDB votes: 34,468
  • Year of manufacture: 2011
  • Genre: Drama, Horror, Thriller
  • Directed by: Jaume Balagueró

sleep tight movie

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You wake up every day feeling good about the security situation in your area. But is it really safe forever? Cesar is a janitor in a building in Barcelona. Few people cared about his private life, but he was very attentive to them. He knows every detail of their lives, everything about them, especially one girl among them – Clara is a cheerful young woman who always smiles on the bright side of every job. And that made Cesar feel angry. Mentally heavy, he didn’t want to see her and anyone else happy. In the end, he came up with a plan that no one expected…

The director of the film does not use too many special artistic tricks, beautiful camera angles, or epic scenes. Sleep Tight movie only uses basic camera angles, focusing on depicting the disgusting behavior of the perverted sadist César.

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In 2018, a Korean remake titled Door Lock was released. The Korean film tells the same story from the perspective of the victim rather than the perpetrator. Sleep Tight is considered one of the most anticipated films to have its premiere at the 44th Sitges Film Festival.

Sleep Tight movie review & film ending explained

Sleep Tight movie Cast

sleep tight movie cast

The audience witnessed Luis Tosar’s top psychological performance as César. Throughout the film, there is mostly a solo performance by Luis Tosar, and he has done an excellent job to realize the level of the max pervert character in a somewhat crazy scenario.

In addition, the film also has the participation of actors such as Marta Etura as Clara, Alberto San Juan as Marcos, and Pep Tosar as Úrsula’s father,…

Detailed information on the Sleep Tight movie

Sleep Tight’s Trailer

Brief plot

César is an ordinary security guard and valet of an ordinary apartment building. However, he has a very sick hobby of making others suffer, losing the joy of living, then he can comfortably continue living his ordinary life.

He gives Ursula, the daughter of another tenant, an amount of hush money when he wakes up in Clara’s flat and begins his routine working in the main lobby. Cesar pays a visit to his ailing mother in the hospital, who is unable to communicate with him but listens to him talk about Clara.

Sleep Tight Film Review

He’d sneak beneath the little girl’s bed every night, wait for her to fall asleep, then drug her and do what guys do. Clara felt ill the next morning when she awoke. Will she be able to see that anything is wrong before it’s too late?

When he’s not hiding under Clara’s bed, he applies chloroform on her to keep her asleep, then messes with more of Clara’s belongings and places insect eggs in her apartment. After a few days, Clara’s rashes, which she had developed as a result of Cesar tampering with her care products, had faded significantly. Relieved for a moment, she discovers a swarm of cockroaches in her apartment and chooses to remain with her mother until Cesar fumigates it. When the police are called to investigate who is pestering Clara, Cesar frames the cleaner’s son, resulting in his detention.

Cesar arrives at Clara’s apartment and discovers while hiding beneath the bed, that she has also invited her lover Marcos. Cesar makes a frantic attempt to exit the flat silently after unintentionally spilling chloroform over his face, but finds he has the incorrect keys, trapping him within.

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Cesar wakes up in Clara’s shower, concerned that Marcos had discovered Cesar’s sports bag, which contained a number of odd objects. Cesar is caught attempting to flee the apartment by Marcos. He explains why he is in the room. He leaves the flat and goes downstairs, deceiving them, only to discover he is being evicted.

Clara and Marcos are preparing to embark on a trip and must return as soon as possible. Clara and Marcos are preparing to embark on a trip but will have to return since Clara is four weeks pregnant. Marcos is taken aback since he has always worn a condom whenever they had sex.

sleep tight movie review

Marcos knocks on Cesar’s door and requests that he inspect Clara’s flat, claiming that there is yet another bug problem. Cesar goes to inspect the apartment but learns that Marcos has discovered what Cesar has been drugging her with and has caught him sneaking into her residence. Cesar and Marco start fighting, and Cesar takes a shard of glass and stabs Marco in the neck, killing him. Cesar writes Clara a letter after she has moved out of the flat and given birth, hoping that whenever she looks at their kid, she would think of him, and he thanks her for helping him to be happy.


The movie “Sleep Tight” debuted in 285 theaters over the course of 80 days, grossing $1,090,093 on its first weekend. In Spain, the picture grossed $4,658,981 domestically, and $8,791,590 internationally.

At the 4th Catalan Film Festival, Sleep Tight – an online movie received six honors. Gaud Awards: Best Non-Catalan Language Film, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, Best Film Editing, Best Sound, and Best Leading Actor received the Gaud Award.

Responses and feelings about the movie “Sleep Tight”

César in the movie “Sleep Tight” is the image that will appear if someone says he imagines a stalker and sneaky tricks to harm others: a creepy look, but also too ordinary to record. miss. Therefore, after the film ended, César was only a figure thanks to his obsession with sleep.

sleep tight movie explained

Cesar’s character psychology is a remarkable point. I really can’t understand what’s wrong with this character. At first, the audience also guessed that he had some grudge against Clara, so he wanted to take revenge on her slowly. Moreover, he went to tell his mother who was dying in the hospital about what he was doing, which made me believe this theory was fake.

It wasn’t until I realized the tears of my mother, and the fact that the owner of the building told me that he had been fired from his job dozens of times, that I realized a simple truth: Cesar has a mental problem, he needs a purpose in life, and he thinks making other people suffer is the best way to keep his life busy.

What makes these movies so successful is twofold: the villain’s disgust and how to manipulate the viewer’s emotions. Sleep Tight movie has done well in both of these parts, although from beginning to end, there are almost no horror scenes, it still makes viewers both uncomfortable and scared.


In summary, through the Sleep Tight film review, we can see an outstanding Spanish horror movie, with a focus on exploiting the character’s psychological developments and “priceless” sets, this is indeed a title that should be considered to turn back many times. If you are still wondering about a reputable website address to enjoy, then come to Spanish Language Movies right away, which specializes in providing selected movie titles with the highest HD broadcast volume that will meet your needs.