Sounds Like Love movie: Love needlessly be painful

Sound like love movie

Sounds Like Love movie resonates greatly when conveying many meaningful messages about the journey of finding the characters’ own meaningful lives. The details that impress the romantic ups and downs related to each other make a movie that is easy to understand and reasonable. Consequently, we will follow the Sounds Like Love review article to have much thought about the great movie.


Sounds Like Love movie

Sounds Like Love movie is a Spanish film that has old relationships that affect everything. This is the result that leads to remarkable footage. Stemming from the loss and trauma makes the characters strong to accept reality and live better for their passions.

Country: Spain
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Music
Production: Zeta Ficción

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Details about Sounds Like Love movie

Sounds Like Love cast on Netflix

Sounds Like Love cast Netflix

Characters in Sounds Like Love movie have situations and problems in their love affairs. They have not found it enough and suitable, so they are not happy to accept it themselves. In particular, the story emphasizes the fact that right when Maca’s career took a turn, the mysterious ex-boyfriend who broke her heart reappeared in Madrid. She has tried to overcome the most positive things.

Maca: A celebrity assistant, she goes through a heartbreaking love affair so disoriented after breaking up with her passionate love. She starts bouncing back to be more confident.

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Leo: Teaching literature at the School of Humanities in Madrid greatly influenced Maca’s life. He was a profound and passionate experience for her. All beliefs and promises seem uncommitted. A genuine bad guy in Maca’s mind.


Adriana: Works at a bridal gown store. Maca’s married friend thinks she might be asexual. She fell in love with a woman and gradually lost her feelings for her current husband.


Jimena: Maca’s friend who had a dead boyfriend. She solves her longing for her boyfriend by having sex with other men. In her quest to find someone who resembles her previous lover, she has a special affection for a doctor.



Pipa: is number nine in the national ranking of influencers. She is an annoying and tyrannical boss with the working principle of “small wages but demands a lot” an annoying and tyrannical boss with a working principle that “ pays salary very little but demands a lot”.


Raquel: is a big influence in the media. She is kind with a lot of help in Maca’s work. She also has a love relationship with her ex-boyfriend Maca. But they have a lot of respect for each other.


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Summary plot Sounds Like Love movie on Netflix

Sounds Like Love on Netflix is definitely not boring even for a second. It is based on the best-selling Spanish book series by Elísabet Benavent’s Canciones y Recuerdos (Songs and Memories). This is a film that is led and told by anecdotes of the protagonist Maca. A heartbreaking break in love a few years ago by a man named Leo caused Maca to become distrustful and depressed. Her life is boring and she has to deal with the day-to-day work as a slave. Throughout Sound Like Love on Netflix are the longing and wishes of the characters about their problem. Not only Maca, but her friends are also uncomfortable with their current life, so they start with new things that are far different from their previous habits. After all, everything has a beginning when each character knows what they want and the best way is to love their own emotions. Sounds Like Love movie stands out for some cheesy narratives and conflicting character choices.

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Summary plot Sounds Like Love movie on Netflix

Sounds Like Love movie has impressive things

Throughout the Sounds Like Love movie, special impressions will be reviewed deeply. With complicated love lives, the footage is performed as the name of the movie is Sounds like Love, the story is one of life and it’s all about letting go.

Sounds Like Love movie impressive things

Tattoo: is a symbol of a complete heart. But every girl will have incomplete gaps in love. Because they both have to love themselves before finding their ideal love.
Soundtrack: Melodies bring back memories of fondness. Each character’s life may or may not have sad lyrics.
Dialogues: “ Nothing hurts as much as when you feel weak when really you’re not”, are the words of comfort from a girl who has suffered in love. Actually, she has to endure more painful things.
Message: “ Learn to love yourself first before you are ready to love” is for all of us who are madly in love and are knocked down by love. Because we are stronger individuals than anyone else.
Sounds Like Love ending: acceptance and satisfaction with the present, the characters have their happiness and live better. At different stages, there will be different decisions.
A journey to Paris: is an open door for Maca. This is the place that welcomes her after all the pain and fatigue she has to face. Surely, this choice was wise and led to a satisfying ending.

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In short, the Sounds Like Love movie on Netflix brings many emotions about different love cases. This is a film that has an excellent combination of story content and character acting. If you certainly love this comedy romantic movie Sounds Like Love. You can also follow and join us – Spanishlanguagemovie which provides you with loads of impressive titles.

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