Recommend 10 Best New Spanish Animation Films To Relax With Family

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Spanish Animation Films – Nowadays, there are countless kinds of films offered on a lot of broadcasting platforms including Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. Animated films are constantly increasing in both quality and quantity. Here we list the top 10 best Spanish animation films that you and your children should watch at least.

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Top 10 Spanish Animation Films For Your Family


Spanish animated movies Aurrugas
The elderly residents of a nursing home are the subject of this highly praised and award-winning film.

Ignacio Ferreras directed the Spanish Animation film “Arrugas” in 2011. The elderly residents of a nursing home are the subject of this highly praised and award-winning film. To assist their pal, they devise a bizarre scheme that disrupts their daily routine.

One advantage of seeing this film is that the characters have a Spanish accent, which might help you practice distinguishing them from others.


Spanish animated movies Coco
This animated Spanish movie tells about Miguel, a young child who aspires to be a great musician.

This animated Spanish movie tells the narrative of Miguel, a young child who aspires to be a great musician. This is an issue for the child because his family has for numerous generations prohibited music.

Miguel ends up in the Land of the Dead in quest of his great-grandpa, another musician, in order to follow his musical skill and passion. Miguel has quite the experience and meets a lot of interesting people on his quest to learn about his family’s past. Not only is the animation breathtaking, but the song is also quite enjoyable and truly Latino. There are also several fantastic themes running through the novel, like love, dreams, family, and memories.

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El Libro de la Vida

spanish animation films

It’s about a village called San Angel in Mexico, and three pals – Maria, Joaquin, and Manolo. They have been friends since they were children and have grown up to lead completely different lifestyles. Both males, though, are still hoping to win Maria’s love.

This animated movie in Spanish from 2014 features fantastic music and eye-catching images. Manolo’s journey across three separate realms features a lot of Mexican culture and tradition. For just three dollars, you can rent El Libro de la Vida on Prime Video! It’s a film that the entire family will enjoy.


Spanish animated movies Ferdinand

Ferdinand is fantastic on the list of Spanish Animation films that debuted in 2017 and is now accessible on Amazon Prime Video. The narrative takes place in Spain, where bullfighting is a contentious cultural heritage.

It chronicles the life of Ferdinand, a gentle bull. He gets abducted and taken away from his family after being mistaken for a deadly animal. Ferdinand assembles a motley crew of unusual creatures in order to get home.

The film is set in the hamlet of Ronda, which is a delightful and little-known aspect of the film. The oldest bullring in the world, built-in 1785, is reported to be located in Ronda. That’s a lot of bullfighting years!

Monster House

Monster House is just another famous Spanish-language animation film that may be seen on Netflix, especially around Halloween. Viewer caution is suggested because it is a bit scary for smaller children. The animated film from 2006 follows a group of friends who want to investigate a spooky abandoned home in their neighborhood. As the video proceeds, though, the home appears to have its own consciousness and existence.

By trying out the movies to practice Spanish, you will be a master!

Monster House is a fascinating and innovative film. In between the action and adventure moments, some more serious topics are discussed. There are many references to Stephen King’s novels and themes. It’s even comparable to Stranger Things, another Netflix original series.

The movie is especially noteworthy for the manner the story’s characters were animated by the filmmakers. Instead of starting from scratch, they used 3D motion capture technology to transform real-life physical performances of performers to their animated final form.

The Little Prince

Spanish animated movies The Little Prince

The Little Prince is a Netflix-animation Spanish film from 2015 that is an adaptation of Antoine de Saint-international Exupéry’s classic tale. The film’s audio may be switched between Spanish and English, with subtitles in both languages.

A little aviator girl meets a new companion, a guy alone on an asteroid, in this universally liked story for both children and adults. This novel is full of depth and would be fantastic to read in Spanish.


Spanish animated movies Anina
Anina includes lessons on self-esteem, dispute resolution, and learning from one’s errors

This is one of the most well-known and beloved Spanish children’s films of all time. This is due in part to its complex cartoons and gorgeous and unusual imagery.

Anina, a little girl, receives a mystery parcel that she is prohibited to open for several days in this animated story from 2013. Many strange things happen to Anina during this period, and she learns a lot about herself. The film also includes lessons on self-esteem, dispute resolution, and learning from one’s errors, which are all essential issues for children and early teenagers.

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Rio & Rio 2

Spanish animated movies Rio Rio
Rio & Rio 2 is on the best list of Spanish animated films about a tamed bird.

Rio is a Spanish animation film about a tamed bird who lives with a woman in the American Midwest as a pet. Blu, the domesticated pet, meets Jewel, a different bird. They embarked on an expedition to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where they were originally from before being domesticated.

Due to the success of the first film, the sequel was produced only a few years later. Blu and Jewel’s journey continues with their experiences raising their children in the Amazon rainforest.

Both films are visually spectacular, with vibrant colors and animation throughout. Famous singers such as Taio Cruz, Jamie Fox, and make guest appearances as well.

Ben 10 Contra El Universo: La Película

Spanish animated movies Ben 10
Ben 10 Contra El Universo: La Película is #9 list of Spanish Animation Films.

This is the Spanish-language adaptation of Ben 10 vs. The Universe: The Movie, which will be released in 2020. This is one of the several Ben 10 spin-off flicks.

In this Spanish film with animation genre, Ben’s old foes return to endanger Team Tennyson and the whole planet Earth. On the 15th anniversary of the Ben 10 series and franchise, the film premiered. However, you or your children do not need to be Ben 10 aficionados to enjoy the film. It’s a fantastic adventure and action cartoon film that everybody may enjoy.


Shrek spanish animated movies
Shrek is one of the best Spanish animation films, it’s about the story of Shrek and Princess Fiona

Shrek is an ogre who lived in peace in his swamp until Lord Farkuat decided to relocate all fairytale characters there. Shrek is on a quest to save a princess and deliver her to Lord Farquaad in exchange for his swamp in order to reclaim his peace and quiet. Shrek is unaware that Princess Fiona holds a secret that will cause him to reconsider what he truly desires.

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In short, Spanish animation films are more varied than the top 10 mentioned above. If you want to explore more, we highly recommend the website Spanish Language Movies with a ton of movie reviews in many genres: from comedy movies, and action titles to romantic ones.