Top List Of The Best Spanish Christmas Movies For Family Gathering

spanish christmas movies

Spanish Christmas movies – Besides the high demand for interesting films for the Tet holiday, Christmas has been becoming more popular because they want to enjoy both meaningful and relaxing movies for family reunions. Understand this, we have listed the top 7 among the best Spanish Christmas movies which make your holiday more impressive.

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Top 7 the best Spanish Christmas movies for a family gatherings


spanish christmas movies
Klaus is one of the best Spanish Christmas genre animations

Santa Claus before he was the cheerful guy in the red suit is the subject of this animated Christmas Netflix film. It all starts in Smeerenburg, a gloomy hamlet where two families have been feuding for years. Jesper, a new postman, is stationed there and meets Klaus, a lonely toymaker. They work together to offer joy to the town’s children and rekindle the festive spirit.

The film has a 94 percent approval rating on the review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, based on 67 reviews with an average rating of 7.6/10. “Beautiful hand-drawn animation and a hilarious, touching tale make Klaus an automatic candidate for holiday classic status,” says the critical consensus.

This Spanish Christmas film was released on November 8, 2019, and received critical acclaim for its animation style, storyline, and voice acting performance. The film won 7 Annie Awards, including Best Animated Feature at the 47th Annie Awards, and won Best Animated Feature at the 73rd BAFTA Awards.

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Three Days of Christmas

spanish christmas movies
Three Christmas Days ranked 2nd in the list of Spanish Christmas movies.

Victoria Abril, Carles Arquimbau, and Mae Aswell feature in the 2019 Spanish-language Christmas series movie. The story takes place in the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War and spans three time periods.

The film revolves around four sisters dealing with family troubles and secrets in three different time periods – all of which happen on Christmas Day.

The Grinch

spanish christmas movies
The Grinch is one of the Spanish Christ Movies, with a message, that Christmas is about kindness, and being together is always welcome.

Two of the most beloved Christmas stories are about characters who – at least at the beginning of the story – hate Christmas. Charles Dickens gave us Ebenezer Scrooge, and Dr. Seuss (Theodore Geisel) gave us the Grinch, who hates Christmas so much he decides to spoil the celebration of everyone in the community of Whoville by stealing all of their decorations, food, and gifts.

According to Roger Ebert, director of this Christmas film in Spanish, the message is that Christmas is not about presents and candy canes but about kindness, and being together is always welcome. And when the Grinch has been invited to dinner with Cindy Lou’s family, you may find your heart growing a couple of sizes, too.

El Arte de Volver

spanish christmas movies
El Arte de Volver is 4th on the list of Spanish Christmas movies that you should watch.

This is a Spanish movie released the day before Christmas and will be the perfect choice for you and your family to gather on this warm holiday.

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Naomi is a young interpreter returning home after six years in the United States to appear in a casting that could change his career. During her first 24 hours back in Madrid, she has a series of encounters and partings that will teach her to appreciate life’s seasons. Her grandfather, bedridden in a nursing home, encourages her to persevere in her quest for success in the acting world as she looks back on the best years of her life. At home, her sister coldly received her. Time and distance took their money. The complicity they once had has turned into an emotional mess that neither of them knows how to deal with.

With Carlos, a former colleague, things were completely different. Together they laughed as they walked through the pine forest and recounted what they had missed. There is also Ana, an artist friend with whom Naomi visits the exhibition between awe and awe. And finally Radu, a driver of Romanian descent, with whom Naomi has more in common than imagined. These encounters, though brief, lead Naomi to rethink her past, her future, and their place in the world.


spanish christmas movies
Estándar is one of the best comedy Spanish Christmas Movies.

This Spanish Christmas movie is a comedy that tells the story of Thomas, a young man with Asperger’s syndrome who works as a grocery manager in a small-town supermarket. His days pass normally until Laura, the establishment owner’s daughter, and his pure love since a child, disappears. Laura is a modern and outgoing girl, and everyone thinks her disappearance is due to her wanting to get out of town and the toxic relationship she has with her father. Having nothing to do with reality, will play out in the form of intrigues, lies, and betrayals centered around a universe of very special characters that will unite Tomás and Laura forever (or not).

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El Inconveniente

spanish christmas movies
El Inconveniente

Sara, the main character of this Spanish movie for Christmas, is a young woman looking for a new home to live in. Luckily for her, they offered to buy the perfect home: a spacious, very bright, and extremely cheap place. However, there is a small limitation: Lola, the current owner of the house in second place, must continue to live in it until the day of her death. Despite this small unforeseen event, Sara believed it was a good deal and decided to buy the property and wait for Lola to pass away. Unexpectedly, a wonderful bond is established between the two, a unique relationship full of tenderness, emotion, and laughter.

Nieva en Benidorm

spanish christmas movies
Nieva en Benidorm is ranked 7th in top 7 Spanish Christmas Movies.

In another Spanish film released right before Christmas day, Peter Riordan has worked all his life at the bank of Manchester. He was a loner, frantic and methodical, with an obsession with meteorological phenomena. When they give him early retirement, he decides to visit his brother, Daniel, who lives in Benidorm. But when he reaches the city, he discovers that he has disappeared. The only clue is the big club he owns. There Peter meets Alex, a mysterious woman with a strong attraction to him. Together they will try to find out what happened to Daniel, helped by a police officer (Carmen Machi) haunted by the presence of Sylvia Plath in the fifties in Benidorm.

The films mentioned above are the outstanding ones for your Christmas film choice. If you want to explore more Spanish film genres such as comedy Spanish movies or the famous Spanish TV shows, we also highly recommend the website Spanishlanguagemovie, join and experience!

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