The Invisible Guest movie review: Great script with incredible twists

The Invisible Guest movie cast

The Invisible Guest movie is a Spanish typical crime and mystery genre film. What makes it outstanding is the structure of the film which is a combination of several different versions of the narrative. The article on The Invisible Guest movie review below will show you more interesting points about this movie.

Overview of The Invisible Guest film

The Invisible Guest movie cast

  • Genre: Crime, drama, mystery
  • IMDb rating: 8.0/10
  • Director: Oriol Paulo
  • Writers: Oriol Paulo, Lara Sendim(collaborating writer)
  • Stars: Mario Casas, Ana Wagener, Jose Coronado

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Summary of The Invisible Guest

Before going into The Invisible Guest movie review, let’s take a look at the movie synopsis. The film’s content is a story revolving around a successful young businessman – Adrián Doria. He is the dream man of many people when he has a big company, a flourishing career, and a happy home with his wife and beautiful daughter. But then the man was entangled in a murder case in a closed room that made him extremely worried. This left his family broken and his career shaken.

The Invisible Guest movie

And luck smiled on Adrián when Félix Levia – his lawyer found a new help that could save Adrián from this quagmire. It is thanks to the talent of Virginia Goodman – a sharp woman, and a capable lawyer. When the romantic city of Barcelona was gradually transforming and lighting up, within 3 short hours to prove his innocence, Adrián accidentally revealed an unexpected truth. Will Adrian be able to regain his fame and happiness? The answer will be in 106 minutes of the movie.


After less than a week of opening in China, Invisible Assassin has quickly grossed 17 million dollars in this powerhouse. This movie received a lot of compliments as well as positive comments on social networks

In Korea, The Invisible Guest rating ranked in the top 6 most popular movies in the first week of opening, with nearly 30,000 views. Hong Eun-ae – a film critic commented, “The film will make viewers constantly think whether the man is guilty or innocent. Like other thriller films, the film contains a mysterious case. secrets, conspiracies, tricks, lies, concealment of the truth, secret love stories, and accusations. All are interwoven like a tangle, and are resolved in many different ways that make The movie turned out to be extremely interesting.”

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The Invisible Guest movie review

Excellent script

The Invisible Guest movie review

From the beginning, the audience can only know the story through the character’s narration. Characters aren’t always honest, especially when they’ve got big secrets that can’t be revealed. That’s why the work has led viewers to unravel the secrets through extremely lengthy dialogues. But it is worth mentioning that the film is not lengthy but still creates a fast-paced atmosphere that attracts the audience.

 The Invisible Guest movie will not be able to attract the audience without an impressive script. This film constantly raises questions and then does not forget to answer the audience with a series of plot twists. It was this that made Realies Pictures decide to buy back the film’s script for a remake. A representative of the Korean film studio shared, “This is a movie with a unique plot with attractive characters and unexpected twists.”

The good casting of The Invisible Guest

The Invisible Guest review

The next impressive point of the film is the acting of the actor when anyone, whether main or secondary, convinces the audience. Adrian Doria has completely completed the assigned role, making the audience’s emotions change continuously through segments retelling the past. Actress Ana Wagener is a big bright spot, the sharp female lawyer Virginia Goodman gives the opposite person a sense of threat that sooner or later has to tell the truth.

Ending explanation of The Invisible Guest

The speed quickens in this section, which is less than 20 minutes long. Adrian was blown away by Goodman’s account (that flawless exoneration narrative), and he has since been persuaded by the lawyer in front of him. He even went so far as to tell the lawyer his biggest secret: Daniel wasn’t dead when he shoved him and his automobile beneath the ocean!

The Invisible Guest movie trailer

This explosive truth astonished not just the audience, but also the lawyer Goodman. All previous plea agreements were immediately revoked. The plot swiftly reverses: first, the nature of the case (the accusation of harboring is changed to murder); next, the story of the case (Adrian’s account is radically different from reality, and his girlfriend is the harborer); and ultimately, Goodman’s identity is flipped (she is Daniel’s mother). After that, it was climax after climax until Adrian was fully captivated.

In short, according to The Invisible Guest movie review, this is an impressive film of Spanish cinema, possessing all the hit elements such as a compelling script, engaging storytelling, and talented actors. There are times when trying to shock the audience with unbelievable twists, the film inadvertently creates a “virtual” feeling for the majority of the audience. But if this is ignored, The Invisible Guest is still one of the most interesting works of the mind fighting genre this year.