The Occupant movie review: Conspiracy plans to achieve the aim

The Occupant movie

The Occupant movie starts with a happy family but the movie is a rollercoaster of conflicting emotions right up until the chilling final shot. It stands out among them thanks to the relative complexity of the main character’s personality and issues, his choices, and elaborate scheming. Honestly, to find out more about this we will follow The Occupant review article to have much emotion about the exciting movie.


The Occupant 2020

The Occupant movie 2020 is a compelling story, but by the final, the plot does go over the top, into huge fights and eventually murder. In addition, the film has also impressed the plans to lead to the haunting ending which also used subtlety and artistry.

Country: Spain (Hogar)
Genre: Thriller, Drama
Director: David Pastor and Àlex Pastor
Production: Nostromo Pictures

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Information about The Occupant movie

The Occupant movie cast

Honestly, The Occupant movie is a film that shows the emotional levels of calculation. The main character conspires and manipulates the people around him. The Occupant review takes us time to understand the hidden corners of the characters. The following are the impressive actors in the movie. 

Javier: Represents the decline of the perfect life of a man. The protagonist is trying to save his failed life. He gives up his family and his old self to take things from the lives of others. He steps up in the image of a person full of schemes and always plays the poor character to deceive people.

The Occupant movie cast Javier

Tomás: The successful man with kindness when he heard about Javier’s plight. He is also the object of Javier’s aim when carrying out his ambitious plot. This is the new owner of Javier’s luxury house from the past. An arranged calculation leads Tomás to the eventual tragedy of death.

The Occupant movie cast Tomas

Marga: the woman beside Javeri in difficult times. She always tries to support her family during this time. Besides, she is the one who knows the whole secret process of her husband, but because of her breakdown, it is impossible.

The Occupant movie cast Marga

Lara The woman with a huge family background is the final ending that Javier aims for. She is also a person who accidentally abets J’s crimes with pepper spray in the eyes of her husband. 

The Occupant movie cast Lara

The Plot summary

The Occupant movie summary

The Occupant movie is a 2020 Spanish drama and thriller about a man who represents a perfect portrait of thousands of men who, longing for a perfect life, decide to do whatever it takes to achieve their most pathological wishes.

The story opens with the poverty in Javier’s life. He has to deal with unemployment and comes to a squalid life. Anxieties and difficulties appeared in the very life of this ambitious man. His luxury and success are now only four walls. He begins his plan of success with inconsistent moral codes. He targeted the family who rented his old apartment. His life was plotted with complete appropriation from that man. The meetings were lined up with divisive lies. In the end, the story goes in the proud order that he laid it out. The ambitions and the glory returned once again although he was now full of sin and intrigue.

The story seems to leave a lot to think about the plot of the character. There’s a scary part about the emotionless acting. Destroying someone else’s family and abandoning one’s own is a horrible thing. Poverty drives people into dark places with horrible infamy. The end of The Occupant still leaves a lot of haunts because bad people still have good lives. 


The Occupant movie review

The Occupant was a Spanish drama. Actually, the success of the movie was awarded Cinema Writers Circle Awards, Spain 2021, and Best Visual Effects (Millers Efectes Visuals). In addition, this is an impressive film with suspenseful footage. Give the viewer the feeling that they are fully focused on the character’s actions.

The Occupant review some of the highlights

The Occupant review

Footage: The dark footage makes the main character’s life gloomy and poor. He had to endure the torments and conspiratorial expressions on his face as he carried out his plan to take over. The scene has a certain connection between the action and the outcome to bring the movie to an understandable conclusion.

The movie’s opening: gives viewers a feeling of comfort and happiness with a family full of laughter and abundance. But the whole movie is a failure and destructive of the family’s happiness.

Slogan: “ The life you deserve” is the hint at the main character’s crazy plans. He longed for such a fulfilling life and he had to do whatever it took to get it. But it’s all just the abomination and intrigue of a morally depraved man.

In short, The Occupant movie is one of the must-try Spanish thriller movies. This is a true intruder topic that makes us afraid of the character’s ambition. Even if there aren’t a lot of twists, the ending makes you think about the whole thing. Consequently, if you also enjoy similar genres of movies, follow and join us – Spanish Language Movies which provides you with loads of impressive titles.

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