The Platform Review: Top-floor People Dominant Or The Key For All Is At Bottom?

The platform movie review

The Platform movie review – If you are looking for a movie that has a combination of horror, criticism of social reality, and philosophical elements, the name The Platform movie cannot be ignored. This movie is on a Spanish island for crazy thoughts, things that few people think about. Besides, The Platform movie appears in many details with profound meaning that make us consider it,…

Overview of The Platform Movie

IMDb score: 7/10
Duration: 94 minutes
Directed by: Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia
Actors: Ivan Massague, Zorion Eguileor, Antonia San Juan
Genre: Horror, Fantasy, Violent


The Platform Netflix will be the journey of the guy Goreng joining the Pit – a strange stratified structure. There, he meets many different people living on different floors, and every month everyone will be assigned to a new floor. Thought this was just some kind of test to get a certificate, but this is a much scarier nightmare than it seems.

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Information about the film

The Platform Cast

According to The Platform movie review, the actors in the film are not many. The main character in the film is Goreng played by Iván Massagué. His name in Bahasa means “fried”, which partly shows that Goreng finally decided to stay in “hell” – at the bottom of the pit, to accept being burned for what he did.


Zorion Eguileor as Trimagasi – an old man with an obsession with knives and with the crime of manslaughter should be exiled to the “Hole”

Miharu (Alexandra Masangkay) – is a crazy Asian girl looking for her child, which in Japanese means “open eyes”. As with her role in the work, Miharu’s struggles helped Goreng open his eyes and see the brutality of this wormhole system.

Antonia San Juan as Imoguiri, who has worked in the system for over 15 years, always carries a small dog named Ramses II with her

Trailer film

Brief plot summary

Protagonist Goreng wakes up in a concrete cell numbered 48 in the first scene for The Platform movie review. His cellmate is an old man named Trimagasi, who explains that they are in a “Self-Governance Center”. This “hole” is a tower-style facility where food is distributed to tower dwellers via a raised platform that moves from top to bottom. Those on the lower floors can only eat the leftovers left by the people upstairs.

Once a month, tower dwellers will be randomly assigned to a new floor. In addition, Trimagasi also revealed that the bloody woman standing on the raised floor moving down each floor is Miharu, she does it every month to search for her child.

For more than a month, they were friends, but on the day of moving down to the 171st floor, Goreng woke up to find himself tied to the bed, Trimagasi explaining that he planned to cut Goreng’s strips of flesh to keep him alive. both, and if Goreng agrees then he can survive. On the 8th day, Trimagasi became weak and began to cut Goreng’s leg. Miharu appears and attacks Trimagasi as she moves downstairs using the raised platform.


In the third month, Goreng woke up on the 33rd floor with a woman named Imoguiri, an official of the Executive Committee who interviewed him before sending him to his cell. She said she really wasn’t aware of the deplorable living conditions in the place and volunteered to try to fix things when she learned she didn’t have long to live because of terminal cancer…

When the 5th month started, Goreng was assigned to the 6th floor. His roommate Baharat tried to climb upstairs to escape but failed. They decided to protect the food source until the 50th floor since that layer onwards will begin to gradually distribute. When descending to the 333rd floor, the lifting platform stops. Goreng discovered a child, possibly Miharu’s daughter, hiding under the bed. Despite Baharat’s reluctance, they finally let her eat the panna cotta they intended to keep as a “message” to the Executive Board on the top floor.

The Platform ending is that Goreng lost consciousness and dreamed that Baharat told him “this girl is the message”. The next day, Goreng discovered that Baharat had passed away, bleeding from his deep wound. Goreng carried the child when the raised platform arrived. Goreng stepped off the platform and joined Trimagasi, both of whom turned to follow the little girl being lifted up by the platform.

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The Platform movie review: Messages and Metaphors

The division of class


What makes this Spanish movie impressive even with a mediocre ending lies in its rather unique setting and the way it uses the horror genre to tell the story. There are stark contrasts between the banqueting kitchen, located on floor zero, crammed with delectable food in the hands of chefs moving back and forth. The chef scolded the staff for the hair in the dish, while just getting down to the 1st floor, all would only be called by a common name: food.

The floors of the prison are how our society divides different classes from top to bottom, and food is a symbol of things that exist from material to spiritual. When they have enough, that is when upstairs they only know themselves, regardless of the screams of those below. But after every month when the number of floors randomly changed, they were sent downstairs, lacking food, they could only cry and complain.

Meaning of the last floor

333 is the number of the last floor in the hole. This is also a symbolic image in religion and in the opinion of many people. 333 is half of the number 666 – the number representing the devil. This means that the last floor in the pit is a symbol of hell, and the 0th floor can be seen as a symbol of heaven.

The children on the 333rd floor

Children are sometimes victims of many disadvantages

The frightened, pitiful, and frightening image on her child’s face when she was found by Goreng and Baharat (Emilio Buale Coka) made us shocked to realize: Children are sometimes victims of many disadvantages and suffer the most in life’s class struggles.

The Platform movie review ending explanation

the platform ending explained
The Platform movie review of the ending of the film

Goreng has never escaped his obsession with Trimagasi (Zorion Eguileor) and Imoguiri, because they are essentially symbolic images of the demon growing in his personality when he not only eats Trimagasi meat but also masters The act of cutting Imoguiri meat to eat later. Goreng accepted to stay in the wormhole when he realized “hell” was a worthy end for his sins.

He walked at the bottom of the pit, accompanying Trimagasi’s soul and gradually moving towards the dark, which is death, while behind them was the image of the little girl reaching out towards the light – life, and hope.

Through “The Platform movie review” we can see brought a sad ending, but hopeful ending about one day, the world will become better. Let The Platform on Netflix become a message, a message about love and sharing among people, a message about a person sacrificing his or her interests for everyone in the world. If you also want to see more reviews of other Spanish movies, visit the Spanish Language Movies page to be able to freely choose your favorite movie title.