The Skin I Live In Movie Review: A Glossy Horror Film With Strange Revenge

the skin i live in movie review

The Skin I Live In Movie Review – A cinematic masterpiece from the land of bulls, the movie that although I’ve heard of it for a long time, I have only now had the opportunity to enjoy it. Well-deserved praise, let’s follow up with a more detailed review of the movie The Skin I Live In below.

Overview of “The Skin I Live In”

  • Genre: Drama, thriller, horror
  • Director: Pedro Almodóvar
  • Writers: Pedro Almodóvar(screenplay), Agustín Almodóvar(with the collaboration of), Thierry Jonquet(based on the novel: “Mygale”)
  • Stars: Antonio Banderas, Elena Anaya, Jan Cornet

the skin i live in review

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The Skin I Live In summary

Before going into The Skin I Live In movie review, let’s take a look at the plot. The plot is about Robert – a talented orthopedic surgeon. Only thing, he still surreptitiously performed cutlery on the body of Vera – a woman illegally detained in his house.

The girl has to live completely isolated from the world and only receives food and some items through the delivery elevator. She once tried to commit suicide to end the chain of imprisonment but failed.

Things began to go too far when Robert’s younger brother Zeca returned after many years of disappearance. The shocking secrets about that family and the strange girl are gradually revealed.


The Skin I Live In Movie Review

the skin i live

The plot

The Skin I Live In’s title encapsulates the film’s central theme: the body as a prison with the skin acting as a barrier. The picture of the closed gate, an isolated Toledo villa, melts into the image of a barred window in the film’s opening frames, demonstrating this. A lady in a nude-colored bodysuit is doing yoga behind this glass. Vera (Elena Anaya), a mystery patient of Robert Ledgar (Antonio Banderas), a skilled plastic surgeon plagued by previous tragedies, is the lady in question.

It delivers a glossy, smooth, luxury rendition of the kinds of awful things that populated categorized classic horror films featuring mad doctors, body parts, twisted retribution, personal hostages, and concealed revenge, among other things. Typically, such films are aesthetically raised to the point where there is an irony or camp comedy.

What is the meaning of The Skin I Live In?

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Even though Almodovar is no stranger to humor, he maintains an emotional intensity in this scene, demonstrating that his unusual plot must be taken seriously. Yes, there is a crazy scientist: Dr. Robert Ledgard, who is performed with uncommon intensity by Antonio Banderas. Robert is motivated by his scientific curiosity to try to mend the tears in his heart. To do so, he believes he has the godlike right to use other people’s bodies and minds: their sacrifices are required to heal his anguish.

Laboratory activity, cloning, the blood of living pigs, and sheets of newly formed skin are all depicted in graphic detail. Some of the scenes may have been taken from a documentary. This surgical program is wrapped in a storyline so intricate that the viewer knows more than Robert does, such as his mother’s and brother’s identities. That’s Almodovar for you: it doesn’t matter who those folks are or if Robert is aware of it. Pedro is just about to finish thickening the soup.

However, what impresses viewers with “The skin I live in” the most is the relationship between the avenger and the person being revenged. Both films begin with a confinement scene, but in the immediate subsequent scenes of “The skin I live in”, the viewer also wonders whether Robert imprisoned Vera or Vera imprisoned Robert?

the skin i live in movie

To put it bluntly, Robert created Vera from the hatred of a father who lost his child, but in the end, it was his soul that was locked away when he saw the beautiful eyes of the monitor’s enemy. Director Pedro Almodovar made people spend time thinking more deeply about Robert, he appeared with the attitude of revenge but ended up falling in love with the man who raped his child, only to be betrayed by his lack of affection. died with a merciless shot in bed.

Visual effect

The colors, especially red, tower almost woozily out of the screen – this is a film that doesn’t need 3D – and the film becomes extremely Hitchcockian at these points, a visual impact heightened by the pulsating orchestral soundtrack. The soundtrack throbs and surges; surgical tools and blood vials are meticulously displayed, revolvers are casually revealed in purses and desk drawers, and Almodóvar uncovers some fantastic overhead shots of crime-scene tableaux.

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Robert’s true depravity is exposed in the surprise of the last episode when we learn that his emotional engine is fuelled not by passion, envy, or rage, but by a desire to treat others as his experimental toys.

What is the meaning of The Skin I Live In?

The ending of the movie “The skin I live in” is a bit different from what most people imagined. At first, I thought the girl would accept being with the person who ruined my life. It’s a crazy idea, but in reality, in real life, there are still many cases where the victim has feelings for the person who harmed them after a long period of contact. It sounds paradoxical, but this is a real psychological effect.

But anyway, the filmmaker allowed Vera to successfully take revenge. The level of obsession has lessened somewhat, but a happy ending is also completely worthy of what the unlucky young man had to go through.

In summary, through The skin I Live In movie review the film depicts the kinds of awful things that populated categorized classic horror films with mad doctors, body parts, twisted retribution, personal hostages, and concealed revenge in a smooth, sumptuous manner. All of these are enough for your to search to enjoy at least.

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