“The Wedding Unplanner”: A successful wedding planner might not well plan her life

After a hard-working day, many people would love to indulge in predictable romantic comedy films, in which the conflict among the main characters is resolved. Do not go anywhere searching for this. “The Wedding Unplanner” movie may be what you need for all of these.


Overview of “The Wedding Unplanner” movie

The Wedding Unplanner

  • Year of production: 2020
  • Genres: Romance, Comedy
  • Director(s): Dani DE LA ORDEN
  • Cast: Belén CUESTA, Álex GARCÍA, Silvia ALONSO, Adrián LASTRA
  • Producer(s): Atresmedia CINE, Álamo PRODUCCIONES

Summary of “The Wedding Unplanner”

Dani de la Orden’s “The Wedding Unplanner” is a romantic comedy, with the opening scene of a little girl watching a TV in Spanish only to be disrupted by a crumbling reality. Her father explains that relationships are almost impossible and that most marriages end in divorce so in fact: love is dead.

The Wedding Unplanner summary

The main character of this “The Wedding Unplanner” Spanish movie is a great event wedding planner, thirty-year-old Marina works hard to make other people’s weddings run smoothly and happily. As she admits, she does this lucrative job not because she’s an incurable romantic, but because of the fact that she is.” When people are in love, they don’t care about money. the silver.” Unlike many of her clients, Marina enjoys a carefree life with no strings attached or long-term commitments. All was well until she fell for Carlos at a particularly hilarious wedding she hosted. It seems love has found Marina. The trouble is, not only is Carlos getting married, but Marina doesn’t know it, but his fiancée is Alexia, Marina’s childhood friend who is about to hire Marina to be their wedding planner. Talk about conflicts of interest! This hilarious romantic comedy, with its spiritual humor, reveals once again that life is what happens to us (and to Marina) when we’re making other plans.

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Review of the movie

Faithful to the romantic comedy genre, the movie brings together our two main characters, the two main characters being the stars Marina and Carlos, who first met at a wedding with fairy lights and cheesy music. and lots of dancing, decided that attractiveness justifies the reason for sleeping together. Obviously, this act of intimacy means that they are in love because that’s how romance works in rom-com. The qualities of the romance genre are reflected in the film’s look and feel including its use of shallow depth of field, light focus, and the use of a moving camera to evoke a dream-like quality The film essentially depicts the emotions or moods of the characters inside the frame, that they are suddenly trapped by the spell of romance and emotionally swept away by the fascination of others.

The Wedding Unplanner movie review

However, despite his good intentions, Carlos was weak-willed, leading to the two having a drunken affair with the wedding planner with a habit of promiscuousness, Marina, that could not be solved clearly with his girlfriend, Alexia.

“The Wedding Unplanner” film presents a lighthearted look at the romantic comedy genre, looking generously at past infidelity and dishonesty between relationships, which is very problematic when the protagonist is rewarded when a writer’s story celebrates the fact that relationships are like transactions, easily exchanged. While it could be argued that the thrill of being another man or woman and surreptitiously giving yourself some funny moments in the rom-com genre, the reality is that much of this creates excitement. Distrust in relationships that, once broken, is very difficult to repair.

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The Wedding Unplanner review

In “The Wedding Unplanner”, the lack of trust between Carlos and Alexia is evident in Carlos’s secret behavior shown throughout the film, his inability to take ownership of his infidelity, and especially rather than having Marina and another woman shamelessly run around naked to avoid revealing their scandalous secret to the group. Thankfully, De la Orden renders the scene light-hearted with plenty of comical near-time misses between the three main characters throughout, which seems to shed some light on the tone of what will be considered messy and complicated in real life.
Throughout the movie, I think that Carlos clearly needs to take some ownership of his behavior and not leave Marina vulnerable to humiliation for something that both clearly have a role to play. The idea of a romantic comedy about the other woman, or the idea of having another romantic interest more relevant to the protagonist, sheds light on the character’s possible act of betrayal or infidelity. main object. Audiences often sympathize with the protagonist’s desire for change, easily dismissing any flaws in their character, and using fate as a justification for actions that are viewed as questionable in terms of their morality.

Above all, “The Wedding Unplanner” is a title you should try if you are tired of action movies or Spanish horror movies. Do not forget to join the website Spanish language movie to discover more great movie genres.