Top 5 Famous Spanish Movies Of All Time

famous Spanish movies

In spite of not being as exciting as when it comes to the Hollywood film industry, famous Spanish movies get a special belief in the hearts of fans, because their appeal is in the excellent script, impressive cinematography, and unique sound. Here are the top extremely great Spanish Language Movies, the country of bulls, that make viewers around the world “addicted”, watching over and over again without getting bored.

Top 5 famous Spanish movies that you should not miss

The skin I live in

The skin I live in is the first movie on the list of famous Spanish movies that we want to mention. Adapted from the novel Mygale by Thierry Jonquet writer, The Skin I Live In by famous Spanish director Pedro Almodovar will fictionalize many details compared to the original literary version. This is one of 20 films that will compete for the Palme d’Or at the Cannes International Film Festival, which will take place from May 11 to 22.

In the story, Robert Ledgard is a cold-blooded plastic surgeon who hunts for the men who raped his daughter. In the film, Robert Ledgard is also an orthopedic doctor but tries to regenerate new skin for his wife after she was burned in a car accident. After 12 years, Robert has researched and nurtured a suitable skin type for his wife’s face and body. However, behind this quest is a creepy secret.

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The Invisible Guest

Opening the list of famous Spanish language movies is The Invisible Assassin, which is the youngest film here when it was only released in 2016. This work is appreciated by many audiences. high by the suspense, attraction interwoven with many sharp turns but still not unreasonable or excessively forced.

The main context of the film takes place in a room, where Adrian Doria – a young businessman convinces lawyer Virginia Goodman to defend his innocence.

However, when the information was extracted, another terrible secret that Adrian had kept hidden was gradually revealed. Presented by interlacing the scene in that room with the two’s verbal exchange, the film becomes slicker and brain-damaging than ever.

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Palm Trees in the Snow

Among the most popular lists of the Top 5 Spanish Films of All Time, almost none of the country’s film stories actually touch on the pasts of countries or regions that have ever existed. is a colony of Spain. Palm Trees in the Snow, one of the latest projects in contemporary Spanish cinema with a post-colonial theme, seems to have ambitions of becoming neo-classical.

This film is the latest Spanish film masterpiece, adapted by director Fernando González Molina from the novel of the same name by writer Luz Gabás, was originally a Best-seller when it was released. Officially released in Spain in 2012, more than 500,000 copies have been sold so far.

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Sleep Tight

“Remember to check under the bed before going to bed.” Jaume Balagueró, a famous Spanish movie director, has turned children’s obsession with “dark under the bed” into a film that keeps adults haunted for weeks.

The film is set in a luxury apartment complex in Barcelona and features a beautiful young girl Clara, who has a full and happy life. She lives alone in a luxurious apartment, secured by the kind janitor Cesar. But every morning when she wakes up, Clara finds her body aching, with bruises, or worrying signs. Feels worried, and panicking, but strangely, she has never had a sleepless night. Until one day when Clara’s boyfriend appeared and discovered the secret under her bed.

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A Spanish film compared to “Parasite” has just won the prestigious Oscar. The film revolves around Javier – a middle-aged man living happily with his family in a luxury apartment in Barcelona. However, work was not favorable, Javier was fired and had to sell his dream house to move to a cheaper housing area. But “unbearably happy and then miserable”, and obsessed with other people living in his house, Javier often sneaks back to his old apartment and lives there as if he was still the owner.

Another aspect of the Spanish film industry that is barely known to the general public is the appearance of English-speaking Spanish films such as Agora, Miloš Forman’S Goya’s Ghosts, and so on, which are all produced by Spanish companies.

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It can be said without doubt that Spanish movies have undergone a challenging process to become strong. The important feature in Spanish films is the combination of fully taking advantage of the character’s psychology, the context of the events, and the support of sound and light effects. All of them create favorable conditions for famous Spanish movies to still succeed and innovate. If you are looking for Spanish movie lists or Spanish tv shows, check out the following issue of Spanishlanguagemovies.