Under The Same Moon Movie review: Is illegal migration really bad if it‘s for livelihood and family love?

Under the Same Moon movie review

Under The Same Moon movie review: For many years, illegal immigration has been a contentious societal issue. The movie examines immigration and depicts an illegal person’s existence in the United States and the love between a mom and child. Let’s follow the article’s review of Under The Same Moon movie below for something else that’s interesting.

Overview of Under The Same Moon movie

  • Genre: Drama
  • Director: Patricia Riggen
  • Cast: Kate del Castillo, Adrian Alonso, Gabriel Porras, Eugenio Derbez, America Ferrara

Under The Same Moon movie summary

Under the Same Moon movie summary

Before going through the Under The Same Moon movie review, let’s take a look at the movie synopsis. When Carlitos’ grandmother dies, he decides to take matters into his own hands and travel north over the border to find his mother. Carlitos tackles almost insurmountable challenges on his trip from his rural Mexican town to the L.A. barrio with steely grit and unbridled optimism, earning him the grudging respect and admiration of a reluctant guardian, a middle-aged migrant worker called Enrique.

The unusual duo travels from Tucson to East Los Angeles, but Carlitos’ sole clue to his mother’s whereabouts is her description of the street corner from which she has phoned him every Sunday for the past four years. Carlitos and Enrique feverishly explore the large, foreign metropolis for a spot he has only seen in his vision, unaware that Rosario is only hours away from returning to Mexico to be with her kid.

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Under The Same Moon movie review

When analyzing the movie, it’s easy to become caught up in the problem of illegal immigration. Indeed, the filmmakers are outspoken about their dissatisfaction with the existing approach, which they say is restrictive and unfair. However, there is more to this picture than that, and concentrating on the matter causes the audience to lose sight of the film’s most effective aspect: the reunion of a mother and son.

Under the Same Moon movie review

After all, is said and done, the Under the Same Moon movie review appreciates a mother’s love for her child and desire for that child to find her mother. This topic has a universality about it that transcends countries and positions. As the film progresses, political problems fade into the background as the focus shifts to the family relationship and the bravery of the nine-year-old child is embarking on a journey that many adults would find terrifying.

Over the course of a week, Under the Same Moon presents parallel stories. Rosario’s internal conflicts approach a breaking point, forcing her to choose between returning home to be with her son, marrying the caring and doting Paco (Gabriel Porras), and gaining the legal status that would allow her to bring Carlitos to America. Meanwhile, her kid is on a road trip, where he meets a variety of individuals, some kind, others not so friendly. He finally teams up with the glum Enrique (Engenio Derbez), and the tale evolves into a buddy film.

Meanwhile, Carlitos looks up at the almost full moon every night and remembers what Rosario told him: when he’s lonely, just look up to the sky and remember that she is looking at the same moon and missing him.

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According to the Under the Same Moon movie review, with each passing minute, the movie speeds up. The initial half-hour unfolds slowly as viewers try to connect with the characters and comprehend their predicament, but as the characters get more known, events become more urgent. The film’s main attraction is emotional; it fails to satisfy all academic standards. This makes sense because the objective of Under the Same Moon isn’t to offer a full tutorial on the life of an illegal immigrant, but rather to convey insight into Rosario and Carlitos’ desire and sense of loss as a result of their protracted separation. They’re both sympathetic characters, and the audience roots for them to reunite.

Under the Same Moon ending

The most emotionally powerful scene takes place in Tucson when Carlitos is forced to reflect on his life and surroundings. The story has been a patchwork of well-connected clichés up to this point. The directors establish their voice at this point, the characters develop depth, and the film begins to do what it sets out to do. The powerful last third compensates for the first half’s flaws. I enjoy movies that build to a satisfying conclusion rather than ending abruptly. The film achieves the first goal, offering viewers a testament to the continuing strength of mother-son love.

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Some frequent related questions:

What does the film symbolize?

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As Under the Same Moon movie review shows, this movie is a nice symbol of a woman’s love for her child and the need to find that child’s mother.

What happens at the end of the movie?

Under the Same Moon ending is the scene where Rosario eventually marries Paco, and the three of them live together as citizens. Meanwhile, Enrique is released from prison and meets Carlitos, with whom he becomes friends.

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The film’s conclusion is heartwarming, but not excessively dramatic. The last images would be callous if they did not elicit empathy, sympathy, and some sobering thoughts, such as: What is enormous sacrifice? What is there that a person will not do for the sake of love? What risks am I willing to accept in the name of eternal love? This film both inspires and convicts.

Under the Same Moon is a mediocre film. While preaching about the misery of the illegal immigrant, it tugs on the viewer’s emotions much too often, far too strongly, and far too transparently. However, it isn’t a horrible film, and it is carried along by the solid performances of its key characters, as well as the adorableness that certain kid performers possess on screen, a trait Adrian Alonso possesses in spades. To be sure, Under the Same Moon is an easily consumable experience, akin to the hyperdramatic telenovelas that are so popular in Mexico.

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