Veronica Movie Review: Is This Movie Based On A True Story?

veronica film review

Veronica movie review: This one of Netflix’s latest additions to its horror roster, is Plaza’s most thematically complex and ambitious work to date. It is a character study, a coming-of-age tale, a psychological thriller, and a horror film, all at once.

Overview of Veronica 2017

  • Genre: Horror
  • Director: Paco Plaza
  • Writers: Paco Plaza(screenplay), Fernando Navarro(screenplay), Coral Cruz(story editor)
  • Veronica 2017 cast: Sandra Escacena, Bruna González, Claudia Placer

Veronica plot summary

Veronica 2017 full movie

Before going into the Veronica movie review, let’s take a look at the movie’s summary. Paco Plaza directed the film, which is loosely based on true events from the 1991 Vallecas case.

It follows the main character and her friends Rosa and Diana as they take a vacation from caring for their younger siblings to organize a seance in the hopes of contacting Veronica’s deceased boyfriend, who died in a motorbike accident. However, when they use an Ouija board, they accidentally contact Veronica’s late father.

As the adolescents are tormented by an evil supernatural entity, the film, which premiered in the Contemporary World Cinema section of the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival, gradually intensifies. The film includes startling music and strange sound effects, as well as moving objects and a scary blind-nun who smokes cigarettes. It distorts reality, leading viewers to question if what’s going on is real or if it’s all in Veronica’s head.

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Veronica movie review

Veronica movie’s real story

veronica film review

According to the Veronica movie review, this film is built on the unsolved mystery of Estefania Gutierrez Lazaro, a young girl from Madrid who died strangely after playing on an Ouija board in 1992. The police inquiry was never able to be cracked.

Estefania is said to have attempted to hold a seance at school in order to contact the late partner of one of her classmates, who died in a motorbike accident. When a teacher came in, the group she was with recounted seeing a type of smoke coming out of Estefania’s nose and lips.

According to the account, Estefania began to have seizures and hallucinations over the next six months. Her parents took her to the doctor after she informed them she saw evil shadows in her room. Her death has been a mystery since she died in the hospital. Her parents said that after she died, their house became haunted, a claim backed up by police investigations.

The plot line of the film

veronica movie review

The narrative of Veronica has a lot of similar elements to it. From a fateful scene that kick-starts the supernatural narrative to classic supernatural horror cliches, the film doesn’t strive to tread new ground with its concept or execution. It’s easy to dismiss it as simply another supernatural horror film, and in many respects, it is.

In the review film Veronica 2017, on the other hand, we can see takes a (largely) realistic approach to its characters and plot, unfolding like a long and unsettling build for its well-developed characters. Parts of the film center on the main character dealing with the burden of being a motherly figure to her brothers, and it plays out like a grounded family drama with supernatural aspects tossed in for good measure. While the third act completely embraces its eerie atmosphere, Veronica’s refreshing tale and portrayal of a nice but suffering family bring this supernatural horror-thriller down to Earth, terrifying moviegoers naturally.

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The victims

review film Veronica 2017

The game and skilled ensemble at the forefront of the film make it stick out among the field of clichéd supernatural horror flicks. In particular, the Veronica movie cast has great acting skills. Sandra Escacena, who plays the tormented title character, is a young yet highly skilled actress.

Sandra plays the main character as a type of the second mother, portraying her as the all-too-familiar responsible elder sibling, concerned with caring for the children while coping with her own feelings. Her character reeks of a squandered chance for a compelling character study, which is sacrificed in order for the supernatural element to take center stage. On the other hand, she is a likable and strong leading lady in this picture, bringing some heart (as well as that horrific poster image) for viewers to absorb.

Also unusual for a horror film are well-acted kid performances, which are provided by the family’s three younger siblings. In circumstances like these, dealing with child performers may be difficult. If they’re amazing, there won’t be any problems. However, it may be harsh to critique a young actor’s performance, especially if they haven’t had much experience if the performances aren’t up to scratch. Veronica, on the other hand, is an example where the kid performers provide interest and individuality to their otherwise flat roles. They’re charming, energetic, and utterly convincing in their characters. They aren’t perfect, but they more than live up to expectations in this picture.

The Veronica movie review and the crime scenes

Veronica movie real story

Multiple reviewers and audience members have described this film as one of the scariest films ever made, and it’s easy to understand why. The idea of evil spirits prowling around the house isn’t reassuring, and Paco Plaza takes use of this with some of the horrors in the film. The classic jump scare soundtrack increase is there, but it is generally ignored in favor of background scares, which expose something unsettling in the background for the audience to notice.

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Early in the film, a sequence at Veronica’s apartment takes full advantage of this, following her while she is completely ignorant of some unsettling visuals in the background. These scenes in the apartment are full of atmosphere and suspense, creating a sense of dread that gradually washes over the spectator.

Will some people be scared by this film? After this article of Veronica movie review, it’s absolutely. The film has already terrified a slew of Netflix subscribers who were just seeking something to watch. As a result, the film has a reputation for being absolutely horrifying.

The film does have some terrifying moments, but it is hardly a scary feature-length picture. Thanks to the director, the picture is strong enough to stand on its own, thanks to the direction, acting, and the creative nature of some of the scares.