Wrinkles movie review: A film about aging that is very respectable

Wrinkles movie summary

Wrinkles movie review: Animation is a fantastic way to communicate tales. Several people think it’s for kids, and I’ve had many debates at work about how this isn’t the case. The Wrinkle is an excellent example of how animation can tell a tale about a tough subject in a way that is both enjoyable and sympathetic to a more “adult” audience. Let’s see the articles of the Wrinkles movie review below for more detail.

Overview of Wrinkles animation

  • Genre: Drama, animation
  • Director: Ignacio Ferreras
  • Writers: Rosanna Cecchini, Ignacio Ferreras, Patrick Mullen(Screenplay, English Language Adaptation)
  • Stars: Tacho González(voice), Álvaro Guevara(voice), Mabel Rivera(voice)

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The plot summary

Wrinkles movie summary

Before getting into the Wrinkles movie review, let’s take a look at the movie synopsis. It’s about a care facility for Alzheimer’s patients. Emilio (originally voiced by Alvaro Guevara, but redubbed by Martin Sheen for this release) is a retired bank manager who is placed in a home by his son when his forgetfulness becomes too much to handle, and his new residence takes on the role of the politest imaginable prison movie. Emilio, who is befuddled, is befriended by the shady Miguel, who teaches Emilio how to live and makes the greatest impression on the nurses and care facility administrators. This film has the same dismal feel as Philip Larkin’s poem The Building, yet it’s also delicate and endearing.

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Wrinkles movie review

Wrinkles movie review

“Wrinkles” cartoon portrays a universal narrative of humanity in a time when dignity is eroding, and it does it via Emilio and Miguel, two rest home companions. We observe the house through Miguel’s eyes as he shows Emilio the ropes shortly after his arrival. He laughs and jokes about the nurses, the cuisine, and their daily activities, which include viewing wildlife documentaries, throughout the tour (though Emilio prefers sports). While cheery on the tour, his words include a hint of cynicism or irony.

Miguel stands out among the folks we meet since he opted to live in the home. The other individuals we meet are all residents because of their physical and mental health, as well as the fact that they would have a better quality of life at home. When Emilio asks him what is up a flight of stairs on the tour, Miguel is deadly serious. The stairwell leads to the high dependence floor, or, as Miguel refers to it, the “lost causes” floor.

Wrinkles animation review

We notice subtle changes in Emilio’s behavior, his difficulty with ordinary living, his anger, and disappointments, and at times a child-like reliance as his Alzheimer’s worsens. We can see how his changes affect people around him, particularly Miguel.

I’m not familiar with Alzheimer’s disease or other illnesses that affect the elderly. This film never made light of or mocked these circumstances. It handles them delicately and offers the audience a sense of how the characters are feeling. Emilio recalls a day with his family in one scene in particular before a fog descends and obscures everything. This was a very powerful approach for me to visualize what he was going through. Emilio has vivid recollections of growing up near the sea, and there is a dreamy swimming sequence in the pool at home in which he appears to be entirely in control of himself and his destiny. Emilio has a lot of instances with comparable contrasts.

Wrinkles animation

The iconography for the care facility and the inmates’ daily routine conveyed cleanliness, sterility, and control. The way the home’s gate closes and Miguel refers to the occupants as convicts made me feel apprehensive. One of the best things about the movie “Wrinkles” is that it never felt like it was casting judgment on care facilities or family decisions. It is mostly up to the audience to ask themselves the difficult and personal questions concerning the aged care facility. It also considered how we connect with and spend time with our own older relatives.

Wrinkles’ motion is pleasing to the eye. It is constant and does not appear to be of low quality. It successfully displays visual signals and movements for each of its primary characters, implying their age and frailty. It seamlessly transitions between the real world and the world as seen by the characters, without looking out of place.

Wrinkles review

According to the Wrinkles movie review, we can see a really pleasant narrative about relationships at its foundation. It’s a narrative of how they’re made, how they can become weak, how they can shatter, and how they can grow so strong that you’d give your life to someone else. This is exemplified by our two major protagonists, Emilio and Miguel, as well as those we encounter along the journey.

One flew across the cuckoo’s nest zone, which Wrinkles occasionally makes an unwanted venture into. Emilio, Miguel, and Antonia’s late-night escapade, as well as the apparent general neglect of physicians and nurses for their patients, do not appear believable. Wrinkles, on the other hand, strikes the ideal mix between tenderness and horrific truth. It’s all about the wrinkles, not the devastation of the face.

Hopefully, after reading the Wrinkles movie review, you will have a different view of animation. In addition, you can see more genres in Spanish Language Movies

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